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The best start of the day for a person is a balanced breakfast. For horses all meals are important. In freedom they spend 60% of their time eating. They are almost permanent eaters. After eating they doze for two to three hours and then go back to graze. When we leave the horses all day on the grass, they take a short time to return to their natural need to eat continuously. So they graze between twelve and fourteen hours a day. On the other hand, when they are stabled, they use between two and four hours to eat their hay and feed. This is more risk than some horse owners think.

Loveland Co Horse Property For Sale

loveland horse homes for saleFrom the anatomical point of view, horses are not made to eat large quantities in a short time. His stomach is quite small, only fit about 5 to 15 liters. It produces gastric acids almost without interruption. The time it takes food from the stomach to the intestine depends on its volume. Large amounts pass quickly into the intestine, while small amounts last longer in the stomach. The most profitable is that the horse chews its food very well, intensively salivates it and fills the stomach without stopping (but little by little). Hay is the main ingredient in a horse's food (stable). A good hay has between 25 and 30 percent raw fiber and horses take time to eat it. When they are not chopped, they chew it more and they can not swallow it so easily. A horse takes about 40 minutes to eat a kilo of long hay. According to the latest studies, animal nutrition specialists recommend a minimum of 1.5 kilos of hay per 100 kilos of body weight for each horse every day. For a horse of about 600 kilos, this represents about ten kilos of hay, for which you will need about seven hours. In most of the blocks the hay is rationed because it is believed that the hay turns the horses into fat and flabby. But the facts show that a good hay is the best fuel and that keeps the intestine active. The stability and quality of the intestinal flora depend on the crude fiber. In the digestion fatty acids are produced that put energy at the disposal of the horse for hours. That is why hay should not be rationed, but rather the horse should be allowed to eat whenever he wants. Those who want to save on forage, or limit their consumption to two servings a day, risk having ulcers or colic on their block. Get horse property for sale near Loveland co. Eating is not only a physiological need of the horse. When horses are not eating, they can develop abnormal behaviors. As for example swallowing air, or swinging continuously while waiting for your ration of compound feed (known as "bear tick"). It is a rhythmic movement with the head that harms the previous ones.

Horse Properties For Sale In Loveland

horse land Loveland coTo avoid these behaviors, the feeding should be as adapted as possible to the natural needs of the horse. Hay nets are a great help for this, since horses eat more slowly from nets (see article published in Nº347 of Ecuestre, pages 96 to 99). The latest research in horse handling and feeding suggests that the spaces between meals should never be more than four hours. Find horse properties in Loveland co. The oatmeal must reach the stomach in small portions. HORSES ARE RAPIDLY ACCESSED TO REGULATED FOOD LENGTHS. STRESS MUST BE AVOIDED IN THE MEALS. Feed and oats in rations for more performance, more need for energy. Sport horses, rider horses and mares with foals, get that energy from oats or compound feed. But this, unlike hay, they eat it very quickly. A horse can go for a kilo of oats in ten minutes and if it's crushed oats, it's even faster. Too much I think once can cause gas problems in the intestines and even colic. Get horse property Loveland co can be proud of. It is better to distribute the feed in at least two servings per day. The amount of feed should never exceed 0.5 percent of the horse's weight per meal. That with a horse of 500 kilograms of body weight, would be 2.5 kilos of oats per meal. Everything that exceeds one percent per body weight in feed must be divided into three daily rations. Normally, most of the food reaches the large intestine about twelve hours after ingestion. If the horse ingests too large portions, then these arrive too quickly to the intestines (insufficiently digested) and can produce imbalances to the intestinal microorganisms. This happens above all with very concentrated food (high protein content) for sports horses. See our Loveland horse property for sale. The tack room is one of the most important parts of the block. In it not only the horse's equipment is saved, but it can become the center of operations of the athlete from where the work plan and competitions are planned. A careful, clean and tidy tack is essential for the saddlery to remain in good condition and last many, many years. Text Riders who practice horseback riding frequently, or those who already own a horse, have to have a good team consisting of saddles, bridles, protectors, sweatshirts and a long list of tools that must be taken care of so that Do not deteriorate in a short time. All this is placed in the tack room. In the clubs there are usually collective guadarneses where each rider has a closet to store his equipment and a saddle where to place the saddle. Other more fortunate riders can organize their own tack according to their needs and desires. Ideally, it should be located in an area that is not excessively dusty and far from the feed storage, straw and hay. This will prevent rodents from finding enough material to chew. It is important to always maintain hygiene and use enclosures that are hermetically sealed. Saddles and saddles The saddles and the bridles are the most delicate and costly components of the equipment. They should always be placed in saddles - wood or metal - fixed on the wall. There are also movable trestles that can be very comfortable and practical. It is important that these supports have a curvature that adapts to that of the frame to avoid malformations. So that it does not spoil, the ideal is to cover it with a special cover or with a cloth. We have Loveland horse property for sale. The bridles and the different types of reins - German, tying reins, etc. - also tend to hang on semicircular supports that prevent them from dragging along the ground, thus damaging the leather. In addition, the ideal is that they fall under their own weight so that the material does not bend or crease unnecessarily. It is important to choose the appropriate support to avoid deterioration of the materials. It is advisable to buy wide hooks that do not cut and that have sufficient strength to support the weight. A wooden block on the wall can also be very useful. On the other hand, you have to have products to clean this equipment. The soap bar or spray is the most used, since it cleans the leather and covers it with a protective layer. All the care manuals advise not to abuse the soap or the fat so that no grime plates are formed that end up milking the leather. Cleaning materials should always be placed neatly in drawers, or boxes that allow their rapid location. There is nothing more unpleasant than finding these dirty and deteriorated products. Therefore, it is advised that you never neglect them to make the work of the stable manager more pleasant. However, the cleaning in a tack room is relative, since it is part of the block and is in contact with the animals and with the means that usually cause dust and dirt.

Loveland Horse Property For Sale

horse properties in Loveland coProtectors and sweatshirts The equipment of the horse is completed with protectors, bandages and blankets or sweatshirts that must be placed in cabinets where it can be guaranteed that they will always be clean for their use. The locker has to have enough holes to be able to place this furniture. Ideally, clean and dirty sweatshirts are separate. It is not necessary to wash sweatshirts and protectors every day. It will be enough  to remove the hairs and the possible mud that has remained impregnated in the material during the work. A complete tack room also has a part reserved exclusively for the competition team consisting of white bandages / protectors and sweatshirts of the same color. All this will be better preserved if you store it in an airtight trunk with naphthalene balls. In another compartment you can store the rubbers to braid the mane, combs and spray to polish the tail or coat hair. The most advisable thing is that all these gadgets are well kept.

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