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The decision to undertake any Real Estate tranaction is a monumental one, but it need not be overwhelming, I have over 25 years of Commercial Lending experience and I am able to offer an objective look at due diligence and evaluate each transaction on it's own merits, viability and rewards. I take the time to work with Commercial real estate buyers, developers and sellers to develop a unique strategy to find and finance the right deal or project for their final objective.

First, we have access to Portfolio Commercial Loan programs they typically are 25 year terms with both fixed and adjustable rate features, including interest-only payment options. Rates vary between 4-6% for both owner-occupied and investment properties. All loans are full documentation and the loan cycle is 30-60 days.

Program Types:
• Purchase
• Refinance (R/T & C/O)
• Investor Portfolio
• Debt Restructuring
• Distressed Debt Buyouts

Property Types:
• Multifamily
• Retail
• Medical / Dental
• Office
• Hospitality Industry
• Industrial / Warehouses
• Agriculture (Buildings & Income Producing)
• Assisted Living Facilities
• Mobile Home Parks

Loan Size: All loan programs go to $20 million and are available nationwide.


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