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Conduit Loan access provides a wide range of private money commercial loan programs and private equity placements for brokers to close most of loans and projects that come across their desk. We offer debt financing terms from 6 months to 3 years for borrowers in need of fast closes and a defined exit strategy, and all programs have interest-only payment options with a balloon payment due at end of term. Additionally, all borrowers have the option to extend the loan, from 6 months up to 1 year.

Program Types:
• Purchase
• Refinance Cash out
• Bridge Loans
• Mezzanine Loans
• Construction
• Rehab / Renovation
• Joint Venture Acquisition & Development
• Energy, Oil & Gas, Biofuel
• Mining Projects
• Debt Restructuring
• Distressed Debt Buyouts
• Foreclosure Bailouts
• Private Equity

Property Types:
• Multifamily
• Retail
• Industrial / Warehouses
• Historical Buildings
• Auto Body / Repair shops / Gas Stations
• Restaurants
• Self-Storage Facilities
• Dry Cleaners Laundromats
• Hospitality Industry
• Agriculture (Buildings & Income Producing)
• Raw Land (max 25% LTV)
• Investment Properties
• Subdivision (any stage)
• Condo Towers / Complexes (low & high rise)
• Funeral Homes
• Churches (with spire or not)
• Manufactured Parks (single & double wide)
• Golf Courses / Recreational Facilities
• Assisted Living Facilities

Loan Size: To 50 Million.

Your property type not listed? Call me. For immediate underwriting attention and LOI, please email me an Executive Summary and color pictures. For a formal submission, here is a Commercial Loan Appplication.

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