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Today I want to share some of my favorite kitchen organization tips that I've used in both a VERY small kitchen and a larger one.

Kitchens really are the center of the home, and if you don't have your kitchen put together (for the most part) the rest of the house sort of falls apart as well.  So, without further talk, let's get to it!  These kitchen organization hacks will help you get organized quick & clean!

Use Zones in the Kitchen

There are so many uses in a family kitchen.  You'll need to decide what zones work for you.  For me I have a 

Dishes area -- this is close to the dishwasher, so most of the things we use most frequently are right around here (including the silverware drawer).

Separate Drawers

When  drawers have organizers it makes it SO much easier to find what you need

You can use a silverware organizer or a spring-loaded drawer divider.  You could even cut up an old Amazon box and stuff that into it to make it work.  Either way, it will REALLY help you find what you need more quickly!


It is somehow SO easy to think you need EVERY kitchen gadget!

I really look for gadgets that have multiple uses and aren't huge.  If a knife can do the job almost as quickly -- is it worth having a TON of gadgets that you have to organize?

Sure, you might save a little time in prep -- but are you saving time when you go to grab something you use frequently and spend a lot of valuable time sifting through items you only use every now and then?

Empty that sink & dishwasher!

One of the easiest things you can do to make your kitchen less frustrating is to not keep pots and pans piled in the sink, and to empty the dishwasher as soon as you can!  I try to make sure both of those things are done before I cook -- and it helps quite a lot!

Does Size Matter?

Yes, having a small kitchen can be frustrating.  There never seems to be enough counter space or places to put things.

But, in my time I've noticed that organized people are organized no matter the size.  If you keep telling yourself you can't fit your stuff in -- the problem may be YOU, not the stuff!

If you find that you're constantly frustrated by the stuff -- a home organization course might help out.  It might give you ideas to change, and perhaps some motivation that you CAN change!


Cooking with and FOR family can be really rewarding.  The joy of a good meal at a nice cost (vs going out to eat) is something that families can share daily.  In order to really enjoy your time in the kitchen, it's really important that you ORGANIZE your kitchen so that you can efficiently cook for your family.

I hope you found some tips, tricks and hacks in this post that will help you make that a possibility for you & your home.


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Doris Freeman
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Great tips, thanks for the post

Feb 18, 2019 06:32 AM
John Pusa
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 Hilary Erickson very valuable report about kitchen organization.

Feb 18, 2019 01:15 PM