5 Simple Upgrades To Boost Your Home Value

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Did You know that improving your home value can be done in a few brush strokes?

It’s true, it has never been easier to improve home value than now.

House flippers and hard money lenders in Phoenix shared the simple upgrades that can seriously boost your home value.

In fact, you can improve your home value by thousands with some simple repairs.

If You are looking to seriously improve your home value and do a bit of home improvement start here!

Hard Money Lender Tip:

House Flippers and hard money lenders talk a lot about ARV and ROI. Flip your house smarter with the insider tricks.

Use these to budget for your upgrades and save you money.

“ARV stands for after repair value, meaning your homes value AFTER the repairs.

ROI means return on interest, or, how much money you get in your pocket after your do the repairs.” - Loren Howard, Hard Money Lender, Prime Plus Mortgages

1. Landscaping

Those with a green thumb can rejoice!

It turns out that one of the easier and simple ways to boost your home value can be done with simple landscaping.

While power-washing, and cleaning up the yard does help your curb appeal, it will take a bit more work to get the most of your yard.

To truly get the most out of landscaping, and curb appeal, you’ll need some mature plants, an clean cut design.

Mature Gardens, and landscape design, can add anywhere between an extra $16,500 to $38,100 in value on a $300,000 home. An ARV of $316,500!!

So Make sure you spend the time to truly plan out, and care for your landscaping. Do Regular Curb appeal boosts, and watch your home value boost.

2. Energy Efficient Upgrades

For those looking to help the planet and boost their home value these upgrades are just for you

A Simple Upgrade, like using a programmable thermostat, can save you 10% on your energy bills.

To get the most of your energy efficient home, consider replacing and upgrading your home windows.

Upgraded windows have an ROI (return on investment) factor of 71%-78%

So If you spend about $1000 dollars on new windows, you can expect a return up to $780 added to your home!

New Windows will also dramatically increase the interior and exterior of your home, cut your energy costs, and the list goes on.

Not only are these upgrades good for the planet write you can also write them off for your taxes!

3. Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home.

Home makeover shows make repairing your kitchen look like a nightmare, but a small kitchen rehab can actually be quite easy.

A small kitchen rehab can see an ROI of 83% and add a ARV $83 per $100 spent on your rehab in home value.

So what consists of a minor kitchen upgrade? New Paint, updated finishes, updated appliances.

A Fresh coat of paint and breathe new life in a kitchen, but try to stay with time tested colors, and a modern approach that won’t be outdated in a few years.

Grey and White, are super trendy and easy to upgrade and make beautiful.

Other easy repairs to make to your kitchen are, upgrading cabinets and finishes.

Tie your room together, with matching handles, straight cabinets, and of course a fresh coat of paint.

Adding a pop of color can also improve your home value and leave a wow factor to your space.

Get inspired for your kitchen rehab here.

4. Smart Home Upgrades

We are all familiar with Alexa, and nest, but did you know that these features will improve your home value!

In fact, Smart Home upgrades can increase your home value up to 11%

Some Easy Upgrades You can and to your home are Ring, Nest, and Alexa.

RIng doubles it’s value, as not just a smart feature but a security feature. Making it easy to monitor your home from your phone.

Nest is a smart thermostat that makes it easy to control your energy, save money, and go green. It’s energy efficient and makes climate control easy. It programs itself and monitors itself.

Alexa is a great way for people to keep up with current and local events all hand-free. It is easy to program into regular household functions and add a futuristic feel to your home. Alexa can control your lights, music, temperature, clock and more!

5. Painting

Break out the paint brushes and start rolling.

Did you know that the right pop of color to your home with wow your guests and can seriously improve your home value?

In fact, a fresh coat of paint and increase your home value $2,001!!

No wonder that house flippers in Phoenix are always painting!

Picking the right colors can add even more home value.

Neutral colors, like gray, white, and tan never go out of style. And pair wonderfully with a accent piece.

Other great colors to use are, navy blue, mint green, yellow, and some pastels such as baby pink and baby blue. A paint rule of thumb: warm colors (red, yellow, orange) make a space feel more welcoming.

While Cool colors (blue, green, grey) make a room feel more calming.

Accent walls are here to stay as well, so don’t be afraid to try a new color!


There are many easy ways to improve your home value. You also don’t have to spend big money in order to see big ROI.

Any of these simple upgrades will boost your home value, can even save you money.

Landscaping: Spend time to plan out your garden, and take time to nurture your plants. Quick fixes like power washing and mulch will dramatically increase your curb appeal.

Energy Efficient Upgrades: You and your wallet can go green with these upgrades, a new thermostat and save you hundreds in energy bills, and improve your home value.

A Small Kitchen Upgrade: The kitchen is the most important room in your house, so take time to give it a minor facelift. Painting your kitchen, fixing cupboards is all you need to start seeing some home value improvements.

Smart Home Upgrades: Adding smart features can improve your home value by 11%. Security features like Ring, make securing your house easier than ever.

Painting: Adding new paint to your home can improve home value by $2000! Make sure you pick the trendy colors, or even use a accent wall to make a splash!

What’s your Favorite way to improve home value?


Catherine Way Is an Digital Marketer and Content Creator. She graduated from Michigan State University Advertising Program with a specialization in Graphic Design. Growing up in a chaotic and fun childhood in a large family, she loves finding new mediums to to help bring people together. You can see her newest creations here.


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