Not enough hours in the day? Too many hours in the day? Time management 101

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We, real estate agents, are either very busy or don't know what to do with ourselves. But if we plan it right, we should be busy all the time with time to spare to spend with our family and friends.

No matter how we got to this career, we all have to do the same thing. Identify a buyer, Identify a seller and match buyers with sellers and close a transaction.

But what happens when there are too many buyers who cannot make up their mind because the market is too slow. Or what happens when you have sellers who are just waiting for for the right buyer, or in other words for the buyer who wants to give them the right price for their real estate property. You are in a wait state. But are you really in a wait state?  Whether you are in a wait state or in a busy state, you should be able to manage your time.

1- Start with a "to-do list" for the day.

2- Prioritize the list

3- Peform actions which will result in immediate pay check; if you are busy with a list, make sure you are coordinating all the necessary actions for a smooth transaction

4- Answer E-mail read/write

5- Answer v-mail

6- Read the paper and or the internet to be aware of the status of your local market

7- Prospecting. Ask your old clients, friends, neighbours, colleagues  for referrals.

8- Canvass your local area through the internet.

9- Canvass your local area by visiting new listings.

10- Invest in your knowledge either for Technology and sales.

11- Revisit your old clients and remember good old times.

12- Market yourself through warm leads first and then through cold leads.

13- Attend classes for continuing education

14- Volunteer for charity work

15- and when you are too overwhelmed, stop! Stop and take a break! go to the movies, call a friend...

Now if you prioritize the above list and repeat it on a regular basis, you will find yourself extremely busy.

Good Luck and Give it a try!!

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