3 Helpful Resources for Instant Pot Beginners

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While the Instant Pot is a very popular appliance right now, many people feel overwhelmed when it comes to starting to use it.

Many of us may have memories of our mother or grandmother using a stove top pressure cooker, which made a lot of noise and seemed downright scary.

As beginners, we take one look at all of the buttons on an Instant Pot and don't know where to begin. Even if we are experienced cooks, we read an Instant Pot recipe and notice terminology that seems like a foreign language.

In fact, many Instant Pot newbies actually leave their pressure cooker in the box for weeks or months at a time, waiting until the day when they can work up the nerve to give it a try.

Helpful Resources for Instant Pot Beginners

If  any of this sounds familiar to you, you'll definitely want to check out these three helpful Instant Pot resources for beginners.

Education is power, and learning more about this appliance can help ease some of the anxiety and overwhelm with actually using the electric pressure cooker in everyday life.

Everything You Need to Know About Making Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes

This comprehensive pressure cooking guide is extremely helpful for Instant Pot beginners! It provides education and reassurance as well as practical tips for getting started with an Instant Pot.

Learning how to actually use the Instant Pot is key to understanding how it works and how to get the most out of it.

How to Reheat Leftovers in the Instant Pot

Discover how to use your Instant Pot to reheat leftovers, which can be really convenient if you don't own a microwave!

Even if you are accustomed to nuking most of your food, the Instant Pot provides a way to reheat food evenly without significantly changing the texture, as microwaves sometimes do.

How to Make Your Favorite Slow Cooker Recipes in the Pressure Cooker

Most people start off by making specific pressure cooker recipes in their Instant Pot, because that takes a lot of the guesswork out of using an unfamiliar appliance. This is a fabulous way to get started and become accustomed to how an Instant Pot works.

But as time passes and you become more comfortable with your Instant Pot, you may want to try making some of your tried and true slow cooker recipes in the pressure cooker. With just a few simple tweaks, this is a very easy thing to do!

This article shows you the specific things to take into consideration when converting a recipe to be made in the Instant Pot!

The Right Instant Pot Resources Can Help!

If you are new to using the Instant Pot, there's no need to feel overwhelmed or discouraged.  Just as with any appliance, there's a learning curve.

The first time you baked in an oven, you were learning.  When you first used a slow cooker, it was all new to you.  The same thing goes for a blender, food processor, skillet, etc.

With a little bit of time and the right resources, you can go from pressure cooking novice to an accomplished Instant Pot user!  Stick with it, keep practicing, and you'll gain confidence along the way.

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