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Fair question.  


You are used to going to a bank to get a mortgage or even a mortgage company around town. They all have a specific list of programs they offer.   What happens if they say "no"?   Do you go to the next one get your credit pulled again, and again, and again.  Or even worse, do you give up?


I am a Licensed Mortgage Broker and own a Licensed Mortgage Company.  What I am able to do is FIRST and very importantly, I pull your credit once and we use that throughout the entire process.


As a Mortgage Broker, I have  a working relationship with lenders all over the country.  Each one offers a nunber of programs and each lender offers different programs and/or nuances then each other.  What is so great about that?  I'll tell you.


When you come to me we will first assess your wants and needs.  Life isn't perfect and neither are we.  Often there is something that wouldn't line up with a typical bank mortgage program.  The beauty of what I do is I find a lender/program for you!


Let me give you an example of how I have been able to help a client that was turned down all around town.


The first one was a very unusual situation that caused the buyer to have problems that were not brought onto him by himself.  His house was in foreclosure and would be sold on the courthouse steps on Tuesday.  His credit was shot because of it.  On the Friday before D-Day he was able to sell and close on his house.  His credit score ended up as a 544.  


I am happy to say that within a week we were under contract on another house and we are scheduled to close in 3 weeks!

A Mortgage Broker can give you many, many more options to choose from.  Recently (remember I only have one credit report!) I was able to "shop" lenders to get the best rate.  


Self-employed and show no income?  Let's just use bank statements instead.  Sound good?


I recently got a call from some that wanted to refinance their mortgage.  I asked them how they found me and they told me that a friend told them not to go to a bank.  What they needed was a Mortgage Broker.  They googled and since I am the only Mortgage Broker in Amarillo, they found me.


Give yourself the best chance you can to get the best deal and get into your dream home!   Call me today!


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