Standard Garage Door Opening

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There is no one-size-fits-all formula for standard garage door opening. There are many factors that determine the door size: whether it is for recreational vehicles, single or double garage. We have put together all the information in his article that will help you understand all the minor details about standard garage door opening options and what it is going to be like to purchase a new garage door or repair an existing model.
Standard Garage Door Opening Sizes - Choosing the Right Size 
Take Measurement of Garage Door
If you are planning to change the garage door, it is recommended that you take necessary measurements of the garage before purchasing a new one. This will give you a better idea of what to look for and what will work best in the given space. Some things to remember include:

  • Garage doors need to have enough space so that vehicles can easily pass through them. You may realize that a particular door style will be more efficient and functional for the opening of your garage door.
  • While taking measurements of your garage, take down details of its structural opening. You should measure the inside face, headroom and the space on both sides of the garage door opening.
  • Carry this information with you to the garage-door supplier and discuss the garage door options that fit well with the size and dimension of your garage.

Based on the measurements of your garage, here are some of the different garage door options:
Single Garage Options
A garage door for a regular sized car can come in various dimensions such as 10x7 feet, 9x7 feet and 8x7 feet. These doors will have an adequate opening for your car to fit into the garage without any difficulty.

Vehicles with greater dimensions than regular-sized cars may find these door openings a bit too narrow for them to make an easy entry in the garage. Such vehicles will find a double garage or a bespoke door made as per given specifications more suitable for them.

However, it is interesting to note that special doors are available in plus sizes such as in 16 x 8 feet dimensions for recreational vehicles.

Most door manufacturers adhere to these standard dimensions but there is a possibility of some variations with some manufacturers. So, it is good to ask for the precise dimensions of the garage door you are going to buy before you make the actual purchase.

Double Garage Options
Double garage doors typically have three standard sizes: 12x7 feet, 14x7 feet, and 16x7 feet and can accommodate two regular sized cars or one large vehicle comfortably.

It is recommended that before choosing the door that you want to buy, you should take the measurements of your vehicle, especially its length and width. This may help you decide on the door style that will be best for you. If your garage space is just enough for your vehicle to fit in, you can choose a roller door that requires the least of internal space and can make some extra space in the garage.

Bespoke Door Options
If you have a particular design or dimensions for the garage door in mind, discuss the idea with the supplier and choose to get a bespoke garage door designed and manufactured to your specifications.

The bespoke garage doors may cost a little more, but this may be the most cost-effective way to conveniently house your vehicles and anything else you plan on including in your home.
Bottom Line
It is clear that there is no standard garage door opening. The size depends on many factors, especially on the dimensions of your vehicle and what you plan on doing in the garage.

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