Back to the grindstone!

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Why do people say that?  "Back to the old grindstone"

Actually the saying comes from times gone by when people would grind their wheat by hand on an old rock (grindstone) with a stick or other rock until they had flour or meal.  This was really hard, tiring , monotonous work.  After the grinders would take a moments rest and had to get back to work would be  BACK TO THE OLD GRINDSTONE!

Not to get off track, but really and truly that is what today has been for me!!

I took two days totally OFF and went to the beach with my husband. (NO kids)  We had a nice view right on the ocean ,7 floor up ,and it was really nice to do NOTHING!

Then I came back to work today...have been here now for 14 hous...and just now getting to a stopping point.   NOTHING to complain about having business....but 14 hours! that is rediculous!

It is the "same old grind" too.  Buyers and sellers all think THEY Are your only customers!  lol  that is the way I love it though!   So, I'll just keep grinding along!!  (oh, I kill myself sometimes) rofl



Kelli Shaffer
Century 21 Gold - Norco, CA
Realtor Norco, Corona, Riverside

I myself continue to keep grinding along at about 12 to 14 hour days. people that work hard will get paid back in many different ways. Sometimes it's even money(lol). Good luck at the grinding.

Jun 03, 2008 12:16 PM
Phillip Hayes
Great Company - Deatsville, AL

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