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Helping You and Your Child Adjust to a New Area After a Big Move!

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Moving can be traumatic for children. Children in School wil have to adjust to a new school, new friends, a new neighborhood, maybe even a new culture. For younger children, the move may not be as traumatic. Their world is still small and primarily involves the closest members of the family they interact with on a regular basis. Children are resillient and you as their parent can ease your children’s fears and unsurity. There may be tears in the beginning, but children need to know about the move a long time prior to moving. Learning about your family move from another person can build resentment and distrust. Whatever the reason for the move, be upfront with your children. It allows them to talk about concerns and create an understanding about the reasons your family is moving. Let Your children know that you also have feelings of unsureness with the move. Try to focus on the activities that the area that you are moving has that they are interested in. The internet is awesome in assisting with virtually visiting an area you are moving to prior to the move. Show the children that there is still some of the same restaurants that you currently visit, activities that they are interested in are also offered and the excitement of making new friends. Be positive. Get them excited about the new city and all they can experience there. If at all possible, take them to visit the new area. Let them visit new school and play on the playground. If the new house is in another city or state, research state and city. Creating a visual center posted with pictures, articles, items of interest can assist with smoothing over the trauma. Get them excited. Teenagers are usually the worst. Ask friends if they know a friend in the area to assist with introductions. Also, Your Realtor could help in introducing you and your children people they already know with the same interest or who live in the new area or neighborhood. Create a common thread that will carry to the next city to allow as much familarity as possible. Make an effort to stay in touch with friends and/ or relatives. Encourage your children to write letters to their friends. Those letters will be especially precious while they’re trying to make new friends and “fit in” at school. The technical age has also helped to keep us close while being miles away. A computer camera can make your child feel closer to their friends and family by seeing them after the move. Although the move can be taxing on you as well, try to stay as positive as possible. Happy moving!!
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Also, kids often move best during the school year.  During vacation, they might end up sitting at home and not meeting people, but during school they just about HAVE to be social, and it makes the transition easier. 

Jun 02, 2008 03:45 PM