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When I first started blogging, I'd see all the other bloggers blogging about blogging and thought that was the only way to make money blogging. That's a lot of use of the word "blogging" lol. 

I didn't necessarily want to go that route, but it happened because it's like a natural progression I guess. 

What I enjoy about it is that it's a very real learning process and it's a bit fun. Though I'm not taking it too seriously. 

I like that I finally split my main blog into three, so now I have a blog that talks ONLY about making money online

I don't quite feel like an expert on that topic, though I've had good success over the years. But... I'm really excited to be able to talk about it in detail. 

I'm a huge fan of experience-based writing, so my plan is to actually try out many ways to make money online and then write up my experiences and do reviews. I think it'll be fun and easy and hopefully valuable to readers to get inside looks. 

Plus... in doing so I'll actually be making money online, which is great!

I did that with SurveyJunkie back in September or so, and it was a lot of fun! I just signed up and worked the site for a week, then was able to write up my experience really fast, with screen shots and good SurveyJunkie tips to share. It was great!

The post made me about $100 and still gets a trickle here and there -- but I can see how doing that over and over, for the long-haul might pay off. Plus, it's fun and easy. 

So yeah. 

All I want is a bunch of separate income streams that are really fun and easy for me to create, so it never quite feels like work!

They also have to be pretty passive. 

I have to be able to totally walk away and do NOTHING for like, a couple months if I want to, and still earn money.

I'm cool with doing tons of work in the beginning to have it sit there and earn money in the long run, but I wouldn't be cool with active work like coaching or live teaching or even really speaking engagements. Anything that requires an appointment to confirm and adhere to is NOT for me lol. 

Gotta know what you like!


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