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There are cars flying over my head as I’m sitting on a park bench sending a text message on my arm. Yes, you didn’t misread and there are no typos in the above sentence. Welcome to the future. It may not be that far away from the time you are reading this post. I’m a Realtor/Broker/Owner/Author/Speaker and I recently wrote a book about my rapid rise to success titled “Burning Desire” ……. With this being said, my intentions were to write about a series of activities to focus on while climbing the success ladder in real estate. Well, after reading about Blockchain, I scratched those ideas. Are they still important, yes, they are still important?  It is essential to prospect like a maniac, follow up relentlessly, and track time and such. However, after learning about Blockchain, I felt it be more important to write about the future of real estate and how Blockchain and other technology will turn the real estate industry upside down.

The problem with this is real estate agents are not prepared or ready for this change. They are blind and clueless as to how the industry is changing. There are current agents who are not on social media and do not own a laptop and for some a smart phone. There are agents, and I have witness this personally, that do not know how to use a computer, let alone all the software that is required to do our job effectively. If current real estate agents are unable to adapt to the technology we use today, what will happen when technology takes over the industry. Remember travel agents. I remember in the 70’s and 80’s how the travel agency industry was huge. There were travel agency companies on every corner. Where are they now? Where are the travel agents? The travel agency business moved online and downsized or eliminated the travel agent. That’s not the only industry that was wiped out by technology. What happened to video rental stores? I remember having my first blockbuster membership card. It was so exciting. It felt like I had to give 2 pints of blood to get it, but at the time it was well worth the aggravation. I would spend hours roaming the aisle of VHS movies and then eventually DVD’s. Now you have online streaming, Netflix’s, DVR, movie apps, amazon prime movies and television, slingtv, and so much more. Technology sunk the video rental mom and pop store as well as the mega video rental stores like Blockbuster. And I bet they didn’t even see it coming. There’s more. According to Business Insurance they highlight 3 more in a daily blog written by a staff writer in 2011 titled 5 business that technology has dramatically change.

I started a new brokerage with an innovative concept. Turning the broker model upside down and putting the client on top. Letting them choose flat rate or percentage commission. I believe the client should choose the services they need and want. Of course, I will guide and recommend my professional opinion but I refused to hard sell and beat someone over the head to  hire my firm. I'm rooted in the communities I serve and my firm is a part of charitable living. Not just charitable giving for a photo to post.

Come follow my journey and see if this "experiment" will last the test of time.

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Peter Mohylsky. Broker Associate
PrimeSouth Properties - Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Interesting post ,thanks for sharing this information , welcome to AR and best of luck.

Mar 02, 2019 04:50 AM
Kathy Streib
Room Service Home Staging - Delray Beach, FL
Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224

I'm not sure how everything will turn out but would love to see where your journey takes you. 

Mar 02, 2019 01:23 PM

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