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How to make an offer on a House

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Finding your dream home might take a while, so when you find the one, the next move is to make an offer.  Unfortunately, buying a house isn’t a handshake deal nor a verbal agreement, but with the right tools and a good offer, you can end up receiving the keys to your new house.

Check out these negotiations tactics to make the process smooth.


Make an offer

It’s all about supply and demand. You will want to look around the houses in the area that are similar and up for sale or recently sold. When you do, check to see how long the houses stayed on the market. If it’s more than average, then you are in a buyer’s market.

For example, just because a house is listed at $400,000 does not mean the house is worth that exact amount. This may mean that the seller has overpriced the home. If the house is sitting unsold for few months, don’t be afraid to negotiate at a better price.


Write a Letter

Believe it or not, you can boost yourself by writing a personal letter to the seller.

If by any chance you’re in a tight market and happen to find your dream home, a letter can sway them toward you. You want to write about what’s important to the sellers. For instance, you’ve notice they are a dog lover and you own pets as well. Write about how the backyard would be great for your Labrador retriever. If they’re runners, they’ll love that you’re excited about the nearby trails, too. Most importantly, if they’re parent’s as well then they will appreciate your intentions to do the same.


Keep your emotions in check

House haunting can be dreadful, especially if it takes quite a while for you. When you find the perfect home, try not to get emotionally attached.  Even an excellent offer may not be accepted, but if your offer is accepted, you should get down to the serious business of closing the sale. Just remember, it’s not a done deal until both parties sign the offer agreement.


Bottomline, when you shop for a home, make sure you do your homework. Having enough information will help you submit an offer that meets the market value.

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Stephen, great post, but our real estate commission warns listing agents that those letters can get you in trouble.

Mar 15, 2019 04:50 AM