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So, with all the craziness of running three blogs plus my Kindle business, I'm doing that thing my Libra Sun, Libra Rising self does -- change my mind all the time. 

I'm sure hubby thinks I'm totally nucking futs -- and he's right. 

But I love the beautiful mess I am. 

Having separate outlets for all the things I enjoy writing about is confusing at times, but honestly it's a lot easier separate than together. 

For example, I thought I hated social media and couldn't see myself being very vocal. But since I've leaned more in to separating niches and begun allowing me to take command of the fact that yes -- I've taken a 17-year crash course in alcoholism and a 1.5 year apprenticeship in sobriety -- I DO know what I'm talking about.

My opinions and experiences ARE worth sharing, and my voice SHOULD be amplified. So... I'm back on social media talking about sobriety in a different kind of way. 

I'm amplifying my voice in ways that differ from just writing on a blog and sharing pretty pins on Pinterest. And so far, so good! 


Curveball: I'm throwing in an anonymous sobriety twitter where I use my tarot cards to deliver inspiration for people who want to stay sober. Divination is kind of my jam, but my sites are very mainstream. I'm not ashamed of who I am and what I'm into, but I'm no fool either. I figure I'll enjoy delivering the messages for fun, and anybody who first finds me through there can then be funneled into the regular site. But not reverse. I'm no fool!

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