What Should I Eat While Intermittent Fasting

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It weirds me out that people ask me what to eat to diet. I'm still overweight myself and honestly, I'm no expert. I tell myself I'll become a trainer some day or something, but --- that's not really a priority of mine. 

The truth is I hate working out and I really enjoy eating tasty food that's not healthy. It's a struggle for me to lose weight, which is why I started the fitness component of soberalley in the first place. Really, the public accountability was to help me. 

But I think even though I'm not the size 4 I want to be (yet... it's coming), I have had some public success losing weight. So, enough people asked me what to eat while intermittent fasting for weight loss, and I answered. 

Impostor syndrome is a bitch. You just don't feel like you should be telling anybody how to do ANYTHING. Lol. 

I know I'm not alone in that.


Update: 2/9/20


So I've lost quite a bit of weight on intermittent fasting and have been able to keep it off without too much fuss, yay! 

Still nowhere near perfect (or that elusive size 4), but I'll take it. I feel great and look better than I have in a long while, and I still get to enjoy many of the foods I love, so... all's fair! 

One of the blog posts I wrote a while that is now picking up lots of interest is what to drink while intermittent fasting. Keeping it simple, some people say only black coffee, water and unsweetened tea but meh... I've been known to drink diet beverages or add some zero-cal sweetener to my beverages during my fasting window and be okay. 

This is called "dirty fasting", and some people think it's a no-no because the chemicals that mimic sugar still can cause insulin spikes. They're probably right, but hey -- if it works to still lose weight, why not? 

Zero calorie is zero calorie to me. And I've lost over 40 pounds and counting this way so -- I'm a huge advocate of ridin' (or fastin') dirty!


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Allie, I think this will always be the age-old question - what is good to eat.

Mar 09, 2019 09:09 AM