Isolated Heat Treatment for Pest Control

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Isolated heat treatment for pest control is a powerful solution that guarantees 100% effectiveness in getting rid of bugs. Furthermore, this treatment has been used at scales which range from entire multi-story structures to even compact individual items. It helps to treat big immovable objects with minimum effects. Heat treatment will also be an excellent choice where resources are restricted. This article will further into detail of why isolated heat treatment for pest control has been gaining popularity.
Isolated Heat Treatment for Pest Control
It will be possible to remove all life phases of bugs by a brief exposure of 130 degrees Fahrenheit (55 degrees Celsius). The constraining aspect of treatment happens to be the time required for heating through the afflicted item. As a result, the thick or dense objects which are powerful thermal insulators might consume more time for the temperature to get to their core, as compared to the more thermally conductive and slender objects. One might be required to make temperature probes to make sure that the necessary temperature has been attained.

Bear in mind that, being an effective heat treatment, microwaving is not suggested for any type of collection stuff since there is a possibility of excessive heating in and around metallic inclusions.

Thermo-lignum treatment, considered to be an exclusive approach to get rid of pests with heat by using a climate controlled heating system, regulates the content of moisture throughout cooling and heating.
Standard Methods
It is feasible to perform heat treatments in environment chambers coupled with effectively designed room heating units as well as revolving fans, in ovens, or within enclosures while heat is provided by external heat generators by means of ducts.
At present, heat treatment happens to be a standard technique for eliminating bed bugs; in this way, industrial equipment is employed by exterminators which have the ability to heat entire rooms to the preferred temperature. They also use monitoring tools which help to ensure that the appropriate levels have been attained. It is worth mentioning here that if whole building structures are treated, one ought to emphasize on any feasible loss of heat by means of heat sinks like ground floor building pads not to mention openings. It is also essential to look at any hazard to the building parts and mitigate them as well.

Solar Bagging
Solar bagging is actually a variance of heat therapy. Using this technique, items are bagged in dark polyethylene sheeting prior to heat treatment so as to reinforce the items humidity content, thereby lessening any damage that would otherwise be caused by abnormal shrinking. Tom Strang at the Canadian Conservation Institute has put together a solar bagging technique using sunlight for making the temperatures deadly for the bugs. Artifacts are covered with cotton for buffering humidity change and are enclosed within dark-colored plastic bags for safeguarding against any damage caused by visible and ultraviolet lighting as well as loss of humidity. This particular bag is positioned inside a clear plastic enclosure which provides heat to the shade part, enhances internal temperatures, and also prevents rain as well as pollutants. Following this, the covered item packets are subjected to the sunshine, and the angle of incidence is used to regulate the optimum heat increment. Temperatures might increase to around 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 70 degrees Fahrenheit within those packets. This eliminates any grownup pests, eggs, and also the phases in between within hours in an effective way.
Advantages and Drawbacks of this Remedy

  • Simple to execute
  • Affordable and low-tech remedies available
  • Low maintenance of equipment
  • Effective over a brief time period


  • It is not feasible to treat all materials by isolated heat treatment for pest control

Bottom Line
If you’re looking for a pest control remedy that will get rid of infestations at once, consider isolated heat treatment for pest control. This method of isolated heat treatment for pest control has been proved to be one of the most effective treatments when dealing with a pest issue. Although this method is highly effective, it is important to consult professionals when you’re looking to apply heat treatment to your home or commercial building.


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