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Austin, TX –Real Safe Agent has released its long-awaited book Aegis: A Comprehensive Agent Safety Analysis and Guide for Real Estate Associations, MLSs, and Brokerages.  After a limited release in late February, the 64 page document is receiving widespread praise and looks as if will turn the industry on it’s ear.  Marilyn Lund of the WAV Group commented “Aegis rewrites everything we thought we knew about agent safety, it is without a doubt the definitive text and should be read by everyone in leadership”


The blockbuster publication challenges the majority of suppositions that had previously been made about agent safety.  It starts out by disproving the long-held belief that crime against agents is opportunistic crime and defines the far-reaching consequences of that mistake.  Dave Legaz, 2017 LIBOR President, and current NYSAR Treasurer commented “As a retired NYPD Sergeant and active REALTOR® I truly appreciate that this book corrects the industry’s inaccurate assumption that crimes against agents are crimes of opportunity”.  


After outlining mistakes the industry has made and the consequences of those mistakes Aegis goes on to cover in great detail the criminology side of agent safety, an analysis of personal safety apps and background checks, changing behavior and culture, best practices for MLSs, Associations, and brokers, and what agents should be taught.  Long time industry veteran John Whitney “Wow, good stuff!  This a true industry resource and shows a depth of knowledge about crime against agents that I don’t think we have ever seen in the industry.” 


The comprehensive text provides best practice guidelines for all aspects of the industry, including specific recommendations for MLSs.  “Real Safe Agent’s AEGIS guide is a fantastic resource for the entire real estate industry.  Over the years, the MLS has fostered and facilitated cooperation and compensation, so incorporating a local safety culture based on cooperation and implementing ideas such as safety fields just ties into that concept” Said Richard Renton, CEO of TRIAD MLS and CMLS Director.  Aegis makes clear that preventing crime against agents requires a wholistic approach that involves creating a safe environment for agents, and changing behavior and culture to be proactive not reactive.


Aegis may be downloaded for no charge at the company’s website at

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so true

Mar 13, 2019 08:27 AM