Why Video Belongs in Your Social Media Strategy

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Video is a must-have in your real estate social media strategy! According to Forbes, over 500 million Facebook users watched videos in their news feeds every day! Projections by Cisco predict that online videos will constitute over 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020

For best reach, your social media video should be created with these facts in mind:

Mobile is a must. Over 90% of Twitter videos are watched from a mobile device. Your video must be optimized for mobile viewing.

Your message should be entirely visual. Most viewers are checking social media feeds with their device volume turned off. About 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound! Use subtitles or closed captions in your videos.

Your social media video should be brief with one or two main points. While there are no set rules about length, videos of about 30 seconds work well for social media. Think of video topics like, “Tip of the Day” instead of, “7 Steps to a Faster Home Sale.”

Your video should have a simple call-to-action. Give viewers a reason to contact you through a click, by including a compelling offer.

Users check their mobile devices frequently, and take in content throughout the day! Your video should entice viewers to pause long enough to watch your message.

Tip: avoid making your video an advertisement. Think of it like a visual mini-blog. Also, keep in mind that any photo or collection of photos can have motion effects added to create a video.

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