Monthly Maintenance in SC: March Edition

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The sun is shining, birds are chirping, spring is fast approaching, it must be March! As the weather shifts and spring fever starts to rise, it is time to put that extra energy and daylight to good use. Each month there are small tasks homeowners should consider completing in order to protect their home investments. Let us take a look at March from the roof to the yard




Roof and Gutters


If you have gutters on your home and trees nearby, odds are they need to be cleaned out. If you are able bodied and adventurous take a climb up and remove the debris yourself. We recommend always wear gloves in case of critters and being mindful of any tools used to avoid damaging the gutters. A few ways to avoid having to do this as often are to instal leaf guards and trim your vegetation away from the roof line. Take a look at this article for a few ways clogged gutters can damage your home.




While you are up the ladder take a look around and remove any piled leaves or pine straw that may have accumulated in the corners of your roof. While those piles seem small, over time they can cause damage to your shingles by trapping moisture and decaying.

Those of us that chose to remain on the ground can inspect the roof using a pair of binoculars. Just take a look to see if there appear to be an missing or damaged shingles. After looking if you have concerns about the roof, give us a call. We know a fantastic roofer that will take great care of you!


Siding and Trim

Take a walk around the home checking for any damaged pieces of siding, algal growth that needs to be pressure washed, or mortar that needs to be filled in. Taking care of these small things can help avoid more expensive problems in the future. If you have damaged siding look for what cause it. Are there shrubs or trees nearby? This is a great time to trim them back from your home.

As you walk around check the condition of any painted trim work on your exterior including your porch and windows. These areas may require a fresh coat of paint to avoid rot and add some curb appeal. To get a nice, smooth coat be sure to clean the areas first and sand as needed. Also check around the windows and doorframes for areas that need additional caulking.



This is a great time to prep the deck for your first BBQ event of the year! Remove any debris from the deck including pieces that have fallen between the boards. Inspect your decking to see if any pieces need to be replaced and get to your local hardware store. Clean the boards and refresh the sealant as needed to protect the deck for the summer. Trim back tree limbs and shrubs that may be causing damage to your deck as well.  Now you are ready to pull out the grill and enjoy the outdoors.



While the temperatures are mild, call your HVAC vendor to complete your spring service and avoid any nasty surprises when the heat waves start. Units that are regularly cleaned and service last longer than those that are run without any work done. Most vendors will recommend two services a year to keep your unit in tip top shape and your family cool. If you are in need of a vendor just give us a call!


The Yard

Now is the time to prep your yard for spring! Gather up stones, tree branches, leaves, etc.. that have fallen in to your yard so that your lawn mower has an easier job when the grass needs cutting. Start to plan out any trimming that needs to be done or additional yard maintenance such as pine-straw, mulch, new plants, and gardening. You will be glad you did when spring has fully sprung.


Lastly, let’s talk about bugs. If you live in SC, you have them whether you see them or not. Check your yard for low spots retaining water, piles of moist leaves, and rotting debris. These are ideal spots for mosquitos and other creepy crawlies to lay their eggs. Now is the time to clean this areas up and allow the sunlight to dry up the ground. You may also want to consider planting some lavender, basil, or citronella which help deter these pests. Just be sure to check that any additional plant life is safe for any furry family members you have!



These are just a few recommended items to protect your home investment this March and keep it looking beautiful. Should you have any questions or real estate needs in SC, give me call or send a message!

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