Watch Out! That Little Time Monster Eats Money

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Real estate is one of those industries that absolutely PROVE the adage about time being money. In fact, being the little monster that it is, time EATS your money when it is not tamed and controlled. The more efficiently you can manage your time across all of your (...endless...) responsibilities, the more money you can make. This can lead to more efficient and quicker business growth, as well.

One way to become more efficient and to see quicker business growth is to employ marketing automation. Marketing automation is a process that eliminates the guesswork and saves you time and money by identifying and reaching the right customers at the right time. And it's NOT just for marketing tasks!

What is Marketing Automation?

Repetitive tasks become automated with marketing automation, helping you to better utilize marketing efforts on your website, via email, and across multiple social media platforms. Workflows allow you to set up rules to automate tasks that used to feed that time monster and allow you more time with your family (or to get away from them for a bit.. read a book... pet the dog, whatever... ).

Messages (both through email and right on your website) can be customized to the unique interests and needs of your target customers with marketing automation. Once your system has information about your leads, you can customize your entire website to address them personally, leading to a more one-on-one approach than the typical website or boring email marketing software. Using a real marketing strategy with marketing automation results in significant gains in website leads, email subscribers, and marketing productivity. It can also significantly reduce your sales cycle. All of this is great news for your ROI.

How Marketing Automation Works

The technology combines multiple marketing strategies into one tool. Behavior patterns are tracked and lead information is stored, allowing for custom content based on interests, provided information and behavior to be created. These patterns include things such as search terms that were used to find your website and what links in your emails get clicked. You can even include their favorite ice cream if you really want to get creative!

Leads can be generated much more efficiently, more precisely to your needs and in greater numbers with marketing automation. The system then ranks potential leads (according to your lead preferences) based on interest, behavior, and interaction. This saves you time and money by matching you with your best prospects first!


You can also set up automated tasks to follow up with clients on  (...ugh....) paperwork. Set up a few forms for them to upload their documents, draft a few emails and set up your workflow. Now, your marketing automation system sends out an email asking for one document and pauses until it is uploaded. Once the client uploads the requested document, the workflow sends out a new email with the next steps and so on... the possibilities are truly endless. The best part is that once it is set up, nothing gets missed. It works like clockwork every time so you can work on other leads instead of chasing paperwork. Too bad it doesn't feed the dog, right?


Should I Jump In By Myself or Leverage the Expertise of a Service Provider?


When you use a service provider for marketing automation like GoSIMC, you also get full support every step of the way. You experience quicker results in less time, all of the "tech" stuff is handled by professionals, and you reap the benefits! As you move forward with the system, your questions and concerns can be answered quickly by a real person. In addition, the service provider can take care of other marketing needs, freeing you up to spend more time on the many other tasks you have to take care of on any given day.


Take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy so you can focus on closing those leads! Schedule a one-on-one marketing automation demonstration with me today!


Check out how marketing automation works by clicking on the poker cards below (scroll down).

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Cheryl Carradini, BSB/MKT, MBA, is a Marketing Strategist for highly successful real estate professionals. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Business with a concentration in Marketing and a Master’s of Business Administration. She is currently a Ph.D. student working on her Doctor of Philosophy with a concentration in Marketing. She is a US Navy Veteran and the president and founder of GoSIMC Inc. Her marketing firm specializes in providing website & IDX solutions for busy real estate professionals that want to dominate the search engines.  She has authored several books, Internet courses, and direct marketing manuals for small businesses and real estate agents around the world.   

Quote: "If you do not have a marketing strategy in place, then all you are doing is spending money on marketing that ‘might work’. Marketing is the single most important function in your business and you CANNOT afford to use guesswork as a strategy.


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