$1.4 Billion IRS refunds may be forfeited!

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If you are due a refund for 2015 and have not yet filed your tax return, you have until April 15, 2019 to file a tax return otherwise your refund becomes property of the US Treasury.  There is a statute of limitations on refunds, so if you fail to file your tax return within the prescribed time frame, you are barred by the law from receiving it.  IRS is urging taxpayers to file their 2015 tax returns.  There is no penalty for late filing if you are due a refund.


IRS announced that there are more than one million taxpayers who are due a tax refund but have not filed a 2015 tax return.  IRS will not send your refund unless you file a tax return.  If your documents are missing there are ways to recover the information and still file the tax return.  Time is running out though, so you should act immediatly.  The median refund amount on these unfiled tax returns is estimated to be $880.


If you need help filing your past tax returns or re-acquiring your documentation, we can help.  Contact us here in New Orleans, Louisiana or visit www.taxcrisisrescue.com or call 800-433-0986.

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