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Is your Parkfairfax Condo home buyer ready? Alexandria Va 22302

Entry level and mid level homes are still in short supply in the Northern Virginia area and Parkfairfax Condominiums are highly sought-after for their location, variety of designs and suburban feel with urban conveniences. So this would be a great time to consider selling your home particularly if you plan to move-up when you do as higher-end luxury homes are plentiful and sellers are having to be flexible to sell.

It's important to make certain that your home is ready to sell before the first buyer sees it, don't just go in unprepared or your house could sit on the market for too long or recieve little or no offers or attention. Below is an excerpt for details on making sure your house is home buyer ready. Read More Home Buyer Ready Tips HERE

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3. Are Closets, Closets, Closets Important?

When a closet is at or near capacity it works against your goals as a home seller. Whether a home buyer realizes it on a conscious level or only on a subconscious one a full closet will appear smaller than it actually is and also create the impression that the home does not have enough storage space. So, clear out your closets by donating, giving away, throwing away or moving to temporary storage outside the home those items you don't use anymore or don't need regularly.

4. How Can You Make Your House Look Bigger?

Let The Sunshine In — And More. A dark dim room with heavy curtains and low lights can feel cozy, relaxing and provide a comforting level of privacy — when it's your home and a familiar space — but to a home buyer this same environment appears smaller, a bit foreboding and dirty. Maximize the size of your rooms and make them feel more inviting by removing heavy dark drapes or at least making certain that they are open with at most a sheer curtain to allow maximum window light. Additionally make sure all light fixtures have the maximum recommended wattage bulbs and that the bulbs are clean and dusted, so they give off the greatest light possible. Remember to make sure that all lights are on for any scheduled home showing!

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What is my Parkfairfax Condo in Alexandria Va worth today?

Parkfairfax condominium neighborhood information 


What does Parkfairfax have to offer you as a homeowner? There are many benefits to those who choose to make it their home. The Parkfairfax neighborhood is comprised of 1,684 townhouse-type condominium apartments in more than 200 buildings, with 132 acres there is plenty of open free space and natural settings to enjoy. There are thirteen different models available in Parkfairfax, ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms. With the large number of homes to choose from you will find a wide variety of varying models. Its close in location and charming layout make Parkfairfax a highly sought after community.

Parkfairfax was originally constructed during World War II as the influx of war time residents in the area soared. At that time Alexandria had a very suburban feel and quality to it. Even now the Parkfairfax Community possess that quieter suburban feel with old growth trees and considerable open space not found in many areas anymore. 



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