Tips for Searching for New Listings

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Ever wonder if you can get your dream home either before it goes on the market or right after? Negotiating for a home that’s been on the market can be stressful! Especially for first time buyers looking to search for a buy a home with less competition.

Here are some secrets for finding your dream house either before the listing goes live or immediately after.


How to win over an Upcoming Home

Ask your agent about listings he or she is trying to get. When asking, make sure it’s not the current listings. You’re basically offering yourself up as “bait,” of course you aren’t making any promises to buy a home, but if you’re interested on the property then you can try to get one step ahead of other buyers.

MLS systems usually don’t allow any showings until the home is on the market, however another way to check upcoming listing is on a Friday. MLS systems would list new homes on Friday morning. This is a good opportunity to jump ahead and go to their first open house and write an offer.


Making the Right Offer

You want to come up with a price that is agreeable to you. You can do this by spending time with your agents to ensure you’re not making any mistakes. When making an offer, you need to include documentation. Most sellers want to see that you have a pre-qualification letter, proof of funds, and possibly a copy of your earnest money.

When the seller receives your offer, the seller will probably think about the offer all weekend. Even if the seller elects to wait through the duration of the open house, your offer is still on their mind. This is when you need to wait patiently, as the seller might be tempted to take the offer.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to search for your dream home. All it takes is a little resourcefulness and some investigating to find out which homes are going on a market so that you will be ready to act fast.

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