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Columbia, MD - Dependable Homebuyers is a housing company based in Columbia, Maryland. They are announcing a new program that promises to help homeowners sell their homes quickly. Not only do they provide cash offers for buying houses, but they have now implemented a seller financing option as well. This product is also known as owner financing. In circumstances like this, the seller essentially agrees to accept payment installments from the buyer instead of the buyer obtaining a traditional loan from the bank. Dependable Homebuyers’ seller financing offering allowing Columbia homeowners to act as the bank and collect interest on their property’s equity, rather than just letting the proceeds sit in the bank.

While Dependable Homebuyers is gaining recognition for the recent expansion of their services, they are also becoming well known in the Columbia, MD area for their cash-to-buy services. The owners of the company have a great understanding of the market and are now targeting properties that are believed to have great value. Many times, homeowners come to them in search of a quick estimate of their property. Typically, they are able to make a cash offer within 24 hours of looking at the property. In most cases, the offer is completed within 7 days.

Dependable Homebuyers has been working to expand their portfolio to include more business opportunities. They announced recently their plan to expand into the Washington DC area. There, they were met with pretty stiff competition in the market. In expanding their area, they are not only looking to reach a wider variety of areas, they are trying to increase the types of homes that they are making cash offers on.

For example, in early 2019, they announced that they would now be targeting what they refer to as hoarder houses. The conditions of living in a hoarder house cause it to deteriorate very quickly and not only become a hazard to those who live in it, but neighbors as well. There is often mold growth and other related health issues also. When it comes to dealing with a hoarder house, it is imperative that the house is sold quickly before more damage results.

By adding owner financing to their portfolio of offered services, they are opening great opportunities for homeowners. In these circumstances, there is an option to accept payment installments rather than taking out a mortgage. These payments could be used for anything, including a source of income. The owner selling option also cuts out a lot of the red-tape that can be involved in buying or selling a home.

Some of the competitors of Dependable Homebuyers fear that this new scheme will change the status quo for the industry. Even Realtors are lashing out with their disappointment towards Dependable Homebuyers for fear that they will see losses as a result. Dependable Homebuyers can even buy a house that is in foreclosure as they stated in

While Dependable Homebuyers has caught backlash from some, they are proud of the reputation they are making for themselves. They have also seen an increase in contacts from people interested in using their services. They stand behind the belief that the expansions they are making are the right decisions for their company and they will continue to help those needing to sell their homes quickly in the Columbia, MD area.


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