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Williamsburg, Virginia - Dependable Homebuyers in Williamsburg has begun to offer help to homeowners that have houses with structural damage. When a home has structural problems, it can take a very long time to sell it. The house will sit on the market and continue to deteriorate causing more costly problems. The real estate market is currently a buyers market, and for this reason, people do not want to purchase homes that are in need of costly repairs, especially if those repairs are due to issues with the overall structure.

Dependable Homebuyers is a We Buy Houses company that has built a reputation in the Williamsburg area as an investment company that is willing to help homeowners when they may not see another way to quickly sell their home. They will make a reasonable cash offer on a house regardless of the condition or even the location of it. If a house lacks curb appeal, that is okay too.

Problems like a cracked foundation, sagging floors, or space around the windows and doors can indicate that the home has structural issues. This is something that typical buyers shy away from and many real estate agents will not even list a home with such problems. Investors like Dependable Homebuyers are willing to make an offer on the home.

Hoarder homes are a new adventure that Dependable Homebuyers is taking on. These types of homes are very hard to sell with a traditional real estate agent. People do not want to make an offer on a home that is full of clutter. Hoarder homes also indicate that there are other problems with the house as well such as mold, or even structural problems. Dependable Homebuyers is offering a way for people that own those types of homes to be able to sell them without having to invest money into costly repairs.

The process of selling a house to Dependable Homebuyers consists of 4 basic steps. First, the homeowner has to contact Dependable Homebuyers about the potential property for sale. At that point, an appointment will be made for a representative to come out and take a look at the property. Within 24 hours, they will prepare a cash offer and present it to the homeowner. The homeowner if never under any obligation to accept that offer and they will never be pressured by Dependable Homebuyers. Should they accept the offer, closing is set up and the deal is completed within 7 days. Dependable Homebuyers is a team of real estate investors in the Hampton Roads area.

Dependable Homebuyers is looking to purchase homes in the Williamsburg area from people who are looking to sell quickly. Even if the house is in an undesirable location, they will still make an offer on it.

Sometimes homeowners find themselves faced with circumstances making it necessary to sell their home quickly. This is where Dependable Homebuyers comes in to help. They understand that often homeowners do not have the budget to make repairs on a house in order to place it on the market. As investors they will buy the house as it sits and make all of the necessary repairs.

If a homeowner finds themselves in a situation where selling quickly is necessary, they are encouraged to reach out to Dependable Homebuyers and get the process started.


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