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Newport News, VA - Homeowners can now save a lot of money while selling their houses in Newport News, Virginia. Dependable Homebuyers now offers unique home selling solutions that allow homeowners to sell directly to real estate investors in Newport News instead of working with a real estate agent. Every homeowner going through a realtor and selling a property to an owner occupant homebuyer will end up spending a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. These expenses include the hefty commission of up to six percent charged by the realtor and closing cost that is around two percent. Both these are proportionate to the sale price. Properties selling for under a hundred thousand dollars will have up to ten thousand dollars in financial obligations towards the commission and closing cost. Properties selling over a hundred thousand dollars will have a much higher expenditure. By using Dependable Homebuyers services, these homeowners are able to keep the monoey that would otherwise go towards these expendatures.

Property owners have to also account for potential repairs, the fees charged by property inspectors and the cost of appraisal, which is usually unavoidable since the buyer relies on financing to purchase the house. Repairs and possible remodeling can cost an additional sum of money, often to the tune of thousands. Real estate agents also insist on staging the property and that cost is also passed onto the seller. It is no longer sufficient to just list a property on a classified. There should be sponsored posts and online advertisements. There is a huge financial obligation for homeowners throughout the selling process and there is no guarantee when the house will actually be sold, if at all.

All such expenses can be completely avoided by selling a house to a real estate investor like Dependable Homebuyers. The long wait time to sell a home to an ordinary homebuyer can also be averted. Homeowners in Newport News and across Virginia are compelled to wait for an average of around three months to sell a home. The turnaround time for Dependable Homebuyers is a span of seven business days up to a fortnight. The company takes one day to schedule the site visit during which time their real estate consultants inspect the property. The research team of the company takes twenty four hours to verify all facts and to ascertain the fair value on the basis of the report submitted by their consultants and also factoring in relevant influencing elements. The nationwide real estate investor makes an immediate cash offer. This is a purchase offer and not an estimate. The offer is nonobligatory. Homeowners who accept the offer can sell their house in a span of seven business days from the date of acceptance. For those homeowners interested in finding out more, they can ready the recent press release covering seller financing options offered by Dependable Homebuyers.

Every benefit of selling a home to a real estate investor in Newport News, Virginia, is significant. The savings to the tune of over ten thousand dollars, the quick turnaround time and the fact that a property can be sold with certainty are not remotely in contention when anyone sells a house using a real estate agent or through other channels. Dependable Homebuyers is a Newport News We Buy Houses company, not a realtor. The company does not work via any intermediary. It makes direct purchase offers for all types of houses, regardless of location and condition. Homeowners do not have to repair anything or even clean the property for the sale. 


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