Garage Door Closes by Itself

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When the garage door opens or closes randomly without any instructions or is operating remotely, then it is known as the phantom operation of the door. Usually, the motorized trolley of the garage door is activated to open or close it. Its electric motor gets activated to open or close the garage door with the help of its track and pulley system by using a signal received by pressing a button remotely. If your garage door closes by itself, then it could be experiencing some mechanical problems. It can cause safety concerns especially when you are away from your home.
Garage Door Closes by Itself - What Does This Mean?
This mechanical problem can be due to various reasons including the use of old transmitters or faulty logic board, etc. This ghost movement of your garage door can also be caused due to other mechanical issues like:

  • Wrong wiring of the transmitters or the wall button.
  • Shorts on one of the transmitters or in the wall button. The transmitters can send signals to the receiver of the sensor if it is short.
  • The remote of the garage damaged due to the old batteries in it.
  • Malfunctioning on the remote of the garage door. It will compel the remote to send signals randomly to the door opener.
  • The functionality of the garage door can be affected by the frequency sent by the radio interferences. It happens when the garage door is situated near a radio station or a radio tower like CB radios or police radios.
  • The frequency equipment operated military camp can also cause radio interferences to compel the garage door open and close randomly. This problem is mainly experienced by the people living near military camps.
  • Your garage door can also open or close on its own if there is a power fluctuation in your area. The electronic parts in the transmitters can be damaged due to power surges.
  • Your garage door can open and close randomly if you have left its remote in the junk drawer of your kitchen.
  • Someone else using your code or frequency can also be one of the reasons for uncontrolled operations of your garage door. If your neighbor has installed a digital garage recently and is using the frequency similar to yours due to any fault even then it can happen.

It is advised to take the precautions suggested here under to ensure the safety of your home and belongings and avoid malfunctioning and problems of the garage door.

  • Remove the old batteries of if remote and replace them with new ones if the problem is caused due to worn out batteries.
  • Check the wiring of the wall button by removing it from the wall.
  • Check if the logic board has loose or exposed wires.
  • If the wires in the wall button or transmitters are short then replace them.
  • Reprogram the remote by clearing its memory form the opener. It can be helpful for you if the remote of your neighbor is set at the same frequency.

The malfunctioning of your garage door can be due to various reasons as it includes various types of mechanisms. You can manage some of these issues on your own if you have some knowledge in this regard. But if your garage door closes by itself even after taking the precautions discussed in this write-up, then you should call a professional service to repair your garage door back to its original standard garage door opening.



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