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Baton Rouge, LA - Both time and money are crucial components of every real estate deal. Homeowners in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, wait for around three months on an average to sell their houses. The wait time is much longer for a majority of property owners. Only the most desirable properties get sold in a few weeks. Even those sellers have to wait for the buyers to get the financing approved. This can take up to four weeks or longer. Innumerable homeowners spend months waiting for their real estate agent to bring around a genuinely interested buyer who will agree to pay the ask price.

Dependable Homebuyers has simplified the whole process of selling a house using cash or seller financing. Owners of residential properties in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, can now sell their homes directly to the real estate investor in as short a span of time as seven business days. The company has a policy of making a purchase offer after inspecting the property and verifying the facts. The evaluation usually takes twenty four hours. Homeowners can have a purchase offer in their hands within a day to two days. If the cash offer is accepted, the real estate investor can expedite the sale and complete the transaction in seven business days. The company is capable of closing the sale sooner.

The purchase offer is nonobligatory. There is no upfront cost or any financial obligation for the homeowner throughout the process. The real estate investor is not a realtor and is not looking for ordinary buyers. There are no intermediaries in the process. Such an apparatus eliminates the myriad of expenses that all homeowners have to deal with. Realtors charge around six percent of the sale price as commission. This commission is nonexistent when dealing with Dependable Homebuyers. All sales have closing costs that are also borne by the homeowners selling their properties. The closing cost is usually two percent of the sale price. This closing cost is also done away with as Dependable Homebuyers takes care of the entire process including legal formalities. There are no legal fees either.

Dependable Homebuyers is buying all types of properties all across Baton Rouge and beyond. "We buy houses in Baton Rouge in any condition," say their website. The company has no fixation over the specific layout or the particular location. They do not obsess over the condition of the house. Property owners can sell their houses in the exact condition they are in right now. This means there is no repair or replacement, remodeling or renovation. The houses do not have to be staged for the property inspection. Real estate agents routinely insist on staging to make a house look more desirable. All these cost money and homeowners end up paying for everything. These expenses are in addition to the commission and closing cost.

The benefits of selling a home to a real estate investor like Dependable Homebuyers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are unprecedented and right now unmatched. It is unlikely there will be a simpler, more straightforward and assured option at the discretion of homeowners anytime in the near future.




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