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When I purchased my last home, I was SO thrilled with the team that had helped me.

We were purchasing out of state and we ended up getting and moving into a house within 20 days of seeing it.

So many people had said we couldn't get a loan, yada-yada-yada.

When I was talking to our financing broker she said -- "Make sure that when you pick someone, you pick someone who's in the top 10% of their field"

That advice has stuck with me.  I have zero desire to buy a house again any time soon -- but I do look for people to hire more frequently and I think this advice is some of the best I have heard.

SO, how do you find the top 10%?

1.  Make a Pro's and Con's list -- I think so often we pick someone who's below that top 10% because you really don't want to PAY for a top 10% person.  So, making a pro's and con's list can help. 

This can be applied to anything like the pro's and con's of a doula.

Do you REALLY need one -- and if you feel like you do -- then get the top 10%.   OR, maybe you decide you don't really need one.  That is likely better than paying for a lesser "tier" of individual.

2.  Ask for references -- I love using things like Angie's list or Yelp to find someone I really like.  HOWEVER, it's important to remember often you just get people who LOVED the service or HATED it, or are easily swayed.

Sometimes, if there are only a few reviews, those people might have even been paid to review that company.  So, be thoughtful.

Ask around -- social media is a great one to ask recommendations of your friends.

Facebook makes this really easy, and I have found people are happy to chime in on what you should and should not do.  It's usually very un-biased and super helpful.  I am a fan.

Although, I did ask for recommendations for acupuncture and the practitioner wasn't a good fit at all -- so you win some, you lose some!

3.  Be wary of discounts -- sometimes I google things like -- Owlet Discount Code to see if there is a promotion on something that is supposed to be top notch.

Great providers of services often base their price on a fair wage for themselves and don't particularly discount it as they get enough referals, etc.

And funny enough -- Owlet doesn't really have discount codes.  So, if you want to buy that top 10% monitor, you'll be paying the full price. :)

4.  Be vocal after you find them -- Once you find someone at the top 10% of their field.  Someone you are REALLY happy with their services -- be sure to let the world know!

Write a Yelp review.  Tell your friends.  When someone is looking for help in an area, be sure to recommend them.

It allows that person to keep their advertising budget low because your word of mouth is free!  And what a great benefit that is to them.

So, that's my advice for finding the top 10%.  And, don't forget to thank them.  I often provide gifts for labor and delivery nurses or someone who's done an excellent job for me.  A heartfelt note can go a long ways as well.

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