Are You Renting Because Of Your Credit Score?

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Can you buy a home is your credit score good enough what your landlord doesn't want you reading

The Northern Virginia housing real estate market is and has been one of the most stable as well as one of the more costly areas to live. The cost to buy or rent a home here are much greater than the majority of metropolitan areas anywhere else in the U.S. The majority of those renting here say they would rather own a home but they are usually stopped by one or more of the following:

  1. Down Payment
  2. Monthly Mortgage Payment
  3. FICO Credit Score

In this post we will begin to address the 3rd concern on this list that stops renters from buying a home of their own their FICO Credit Score...


More Than 80% of Americans Don't Have To Rent...

but are because they believe they have to because they think their credit score is too low to qualify to buy a home. Every year, every month, every day millions and millions of Americans are throwing away thousands and thousands of dollars because they don't know what you will learn here. Are you one of the 80% + that are throwing away a fortune because you don't know this fact?

FACT: You DON'T Need A Great Credit Score To Get A MortgageStop wasting money on renting when you can own your own home

You're making your landlord richer every day! Lining their pockets with your money when you could be keeping it for you and your family — securing your financial future. We've all heard the saying, "What you don't know can't hurt you,"  but the truth is what you don't know can hurt you a great deal — even though you don't realize it.

So, what is it that so many don't know that is costing them a fortune? Most Americans' FICO scores are high enough to qualify for a mortgage and to buy a home of their own! The sad part is many believe that a FICO Score in the 800's or the 700's or even the 600's is necessary to buy a home with a mortgage.This misinformation is holding back countless Americans from realizing the AMERICAN DREAM!


  1. What Credit Score Do You Need To Buy A House?
  2. What If Your Credit Score Is Still Too Low To Buy?
  3. What Are The Different Types Of Mortgages?
  4. Do You Have To Be A Veteran To Get A VA Mortgage?
  5. Are There Special Mortgages For Home Buyers In Virginia?

Get The Answers To These Questions And More In The Full Blog... Can I Buy With My Credit Score?


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Runnymeade At Cameron Crossing Alexandria Va 22310


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