Tattoo Who?? My Wife Gets Her First Tattoo Ever, In Key Largo.

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You know, I think all of us have a Bucket List; climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Run with the Bulls in Pamplona, buy a house in the Florida Keys!!  Well, one of the items on your Conchquistador's Wife’s Bucket List has been to get a tattoo! 

So, after a milestone birthday, and considering doing this for almost 15 years, she decided she wanted to get a tattoo in Key West. 
When I informed her, that until very recent years, tattoo salons had been prohibited in Key West, we realized that we wanted a much more established salon.
So, I asked quite a few of my esteemed, inked friends where they suggested, as I’m sure you can figure there are a plethora of Keys-ites that enjoy being out on the water, drinking tropical drinks and enjoying their colorful tattoos. We are known for our Character here in the Keys!!
And funny enough the salon the most recommended was one that I was already familiar with, located in Key Largo next to my favorite cigar shop. Now your Conchquistador himself his tattoo free. As a hirsute gentlemen, they just would not look good on me, though I’ve always had great admiration for the incredible artwork done on a living canvas.
South of Heaven Tattoos is located in the Pink Plaza at mile marker 103. It is owned by a tattooing family that has years and years of experience that is actually multi generational. 
To me, it is the ideal salon. Very, very clean, very inviting, super luxurious chairs for their clients to relax in as they are getting their body art, forever woven into the fabric of their skin.
I booked an appointment with Jason, a fantastic artist (Sporting a half shaved head with tattoos from the side of his head through his neck down to his calves, and standing about 6 foot 3! But underneath, a very kind soul!!), and when we got there he and his associate Caitlin we’re ready to get to work!
My wife had a specific design in mind and he was able to embellish it further. They made us feel very relaxed, and within an hour, she had her beautiful tattoo.
Bucket list item… Done!!
And wow what outcome. Even better than we had in anticipated.
In conversation with Jason, we found out, funny enough, that one of the most popular tattoos is the still clichéd anchor!!
South of Heaven Tattoos caters to locals and tourists alike.
Those of you wonderful readers who follow my blog know that Service is extremely important to me and a critical aspect of what I like to provide to my clientele. In fact my motto is, "SERVICE… Plain and simple".
I love it when I see other professionals give great service, and that is something my Wife and I received at South of Heaven Tattoos.
So yes, and I’m sorry Honey, and I mean the following with all the Love and Respect, LOL ... my Wife was able to get her Tramp Stamp Tattoo.!! And it is smoking hot!
The Keys are such a colorful and wonderful environment to express your individuality and one of the reasons we so love it here.
So whether you’re saddled up to the bar and sitting next to a tattooed biker dude, or long-haired musician, or a seemingly mild-mannered real estate agent, there’s always fun in store here in the fabulous Florida Keys!

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