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What do we know about ourselves?

**Warning - this is a deep dive into the heart post**



What man know's his own heart? What makes you a good person? Is it the amount of charities you give to or perhaps the number of people that you help? Was it giving that dollar to the homeless person on the corner? Or helping your niece when she needed a couch to crash on?


What defines a good person?


I recently watched Jordan Peele's Us and it was a interesting take on the doppleganger mythos that explains that our dopplegangers are only reflections of our shadowed heart. Perhaps we should dig deeper into our own hearts to see the parts of us we store away?


We tend to be our own worst enemy and drag ourself down with expections to help others as much as possible or else we're simply not seen as good. And in turn, we forget about ourselves entirely and our desires become shadows forced to watch as our persona continues to help others on the shallow thought of being accepted by others and keeping up with the Jones.

This, in-turn, makes us resent not only those we help and those around us but ourselves. It can also lead to emotional exhaustion and feelings of lonliness and not being appreciated, We are so pressured to "be a good person" by everyone else that we forget about ourselves and our own needs. Then the kind, happy and giving person becomes a mask that we wear daily while our resentment and exhaustion becomes our doppleganger, lurking in the depths of our heart awaiting for a chance to emerge and take over.

There is only so much that the human psyche and heart can handle before we reach a breaking point and fall into a depression from lack of self care or become bitter and angry individuals due to expectation set by ourselves and society.


A empty cup cannot pour into another. 


We must understand that it is healthy for us to appreciate and care for ourselves. That it is not wrong for us to care for and treat ourselves within a healthy limit. If we are not happy, how can we give happiness to others?

If we are not full, how can we feed others? 

If we are struggling, how can we help others succeed? 


To keep the doppleganger that is the darkness in our hearts at bay, we must first love ourselves to the fullest capacity so that we may know how to love others properly. If our heart is happy then we will happily give with no notion of a return. We will love and help unconditionally because our own inner conditions are met.


So what makes you a good person? I'd like to argue that it is being true to yourself before you give to others. A person cannot give what they cannot have. And running a car on empty will ruin the engine; A empty heart finds sadness quicker than joy.


So take care of yourself.

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