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If you’re planning to sell your home in Woodfield in Vero Beach, you’ve most likely considered whether you’re going to sell it as-is or have it updated. You’re not alone. This is a scenario most home sellers face.

Update the home before selling

If you want to sell quickly, a good way to figure out if you should update or not is to visit the other homes for sale in Woodfield.

Check out your competitors. Have they update their appliances? Are there new light fixtures? Has that worn carpeting been replaced?

If they updated their homes, perhaps you should also update yours. If you notice things looking worn or out of date, then your buyer will see it also.

You don’t need to undertake major remodeling projects as the Woodfield community is not that old and many of the standard features from 10-15 years ago are still desirable. Some simple improvements and updates that won’t break the bank but will improve the aesthetic value of the home will be sure to attract buyers.

Home improvements that attract buyers

So what updates or home improvements should you do to make your Woodfield home stand out and be more appealing to buyers?

Check out these five updates which will help buyers fall in love with your home.

1. Boost curb appeal. First impressions are crucial in real estate. Buyers make up their mind about your home within the first seven seconds, so make the most out of that. Make your curb appeal impressive by cleaning your home’s exterior, adding some flowering plants on your front porch to bring in some color, and make sure the brick pavers are free of the little weeds that like to grow in between them.

2. Create more space. Buyers love spacious homes. While you can’t add more square feet to your living space without extending the house, you can make it look more spacious by decluttering. Removing extra furniture and belongings can transform your home’s interior into a bright and spacious one.

3. Update light fixtures. Changing light fixtures is one of the most underrated home improvements. Many home sellers spend a lot of time and money repainting, buying new furniture, and worrying about the décor, and they simply forget about light. Lighting fixtures, especially the modern ones which can be dimmed or brightened, enhance the tone and ambiance of a room. A trick some sellers can easily do is remove the screens on the windows and put them in the garage. Screens can make a home look darker. It seems silly but it makes a difference.


Woodfield Vero Beach FL  Homes - Enjoy the best years of your life as an active adult when you live in any of the homes for sale in Woodfield Vero Beach FL.

4. Minor kitchen updates. Replacing the hardware can improve your kitchen’s appearance without busting your budget. Remove the extra kitchen appliances like mixers and can openers. You can spend a few extra bucks by putting up a stylish backsplash if you do not have one already.

5. Stage it. Staging the house is one of the keys to selling your home fast. A home that is properly staged will help buyers more easily visualize the kind of life they will have in the home. As agents, we have a hard time telling sellers to put up some of their cherished possessions as it looks like clutter to a buyer.


6. Clean, Paint and Replace Carpeting. It’s hard having your home ready at a moment’s notice. Reach out to me for another article I wrote about how to be prepared for showings without going crazy. It is very important for buyers to walk into a sparkling clean house. Painting with light neutral colors will help brighten up an older home. If the carpeting is worn, replace it with an inexpensive neutral color carpet. Do not say to yourself, “Well, I’ll just let the buyer choose what color carpet they want.”


One of my favorite real estate sayings: “If the buyer has to use their imagination, it’s going to cost the seller money!

These simple techniques will make your home more attractive to buyers. Before you do any updates or improvements, make sure to consult with a real estate agent who specializes in selling homes for active 55+ adults, an agent like me, Karen Mathers.

Are you thinking of selling your Woodfield property soon? Call me, Karen Mathers, at 772-532-3221. Let’s discuss what you might want to do to make your home sell fast!



In case you cannot view this video here, please click the link below to view Top Home Improvements to Attract Woodfield Buyers in Vero Beach on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egERZCNwelc&feature=youtu.be


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