ASHI Client Bill of Rights

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From choosing a neighborhood to hiring a real estate agent to buying the right home, it’s easy for potential homebuyers to feel overwhelmed by all the decisions that go into the home-buying process. Who can one trust and what can he or she expect?  As a member of ASHI and licensed by the state, my only interest, is the best interest of my clients.  Every inspector would do well to serve his or her clients with the following in mind.......


ASHI Client Bill of Rights

· To be assured the inspector is objective in his or her reporting and will not knowingly understate or overstate the significance of reported conditions.

· To be assured the inspector’s opinion is based on genuine conviction within the scope of his or her education and experience.

· To be assured the inspector stays current with the industry body of knowledge through continuing education.

· To be assured the inspector will not disclose inspection results or client information without client approval.

· To be assured the inspector has not accepted any form of compensation for recommending contractors, services or products.

· To be assured the inspector will not offer to repair or replace for compensation any component covered by the ASHI Standards of Practice for one year after the inspection.

· To be assured future referrals to the inspector from real estate agents are not dependent on the inspection findings or the sale of the property.

· To be assured the home inspector has no financial interest in the transaction.

· To be assured the inspector is not receiving compensation for the inspection from any other party.

· To be assured the inspector did not compensate the real estate agent or other party for the referral to the client.

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San Diego, CA

The very last one is very problematic for many independent home inspectors and those of some other trade associations, such as the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, the world's largest home inspector trade association. The problem stems from the fact that ASHI allows one to pay Realtors an "advertising" fee to be on various Concierge lists and Preferred Vendor lists, a practice that is prohibited in many states and against the Code of Ethics of other trade associations. Many people are working with ASHI to try to get them to change that. Home inspectors should be marketing TO Realtors, not marketing FOR Realtors.

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