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No Inventory for Carolina Beach Oceanfronts

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so it's tough being an out-of-town person who wants to win. some other active listings right now a...for 300 these are interesting here these listed in the last week but if this is second row. And then another 2second row now the second row is used to be selling for more like the two 20s these are listed very high and aggressive but they sort of show what's happening.

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But I have a chart on that in the last a year you have the condo prices going up 20% for these condos so now you understand what an extreme situation we are in terms of the market. We have the prices much higher no inventory that the demand is up there. It's pent up demand from hurricane Florence a booming economy and years of appreciation going on.

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So how do you win when there's no inventory?


Well step number one: you need to be lined up and have your financing and be already approved or be a cash buyer. Step number two: you need to be not on a real estate listing update for Carolina Beach condos or Ocean Isle Beach condos or Wrightsville Beach condos you need to be on a real-time update not a daily update so within minutes you know the new listing and you're paying attention to a new listing and if you are ready to buy right now I will be in real time with you and be on top of it because you have a busy life. If the property works, and we think the rental numbers would work for you we need to write a contract immediately did you hear what I just said? I said immediately. That means you don't have to think. you don't have to know if you want it, or not but we need to write our contract right away preferably by day 1, start negotiating it and get it off the market. then you can decide if you're interested in it or not you have no liability. it's like Scrabble if you can't make a play you block the other people play to win and that's a big deal you want to get properties off the market, and then you can think about whether you want to buy it or not....


The contract is very buyer friendly in North Carolina you have weeks of due diligence to walk away with zero penalties and then three if there are multiple offers there are ways that we have a 75 percent chance of beating the other offers even if there's four offers. For example, and I'm a ninja at that, I learned real estate in the wealthiestCounty of America and I was a top 1% agent there about 6 years straight before coming down here. so I'm very experienced with multiple offers and doing well at this so follow my lead listen to me follow you know take my advice, but I'm not gonna steer you wrong.

In all these years of selling oceanfront vacation rentals I still don't have one person that regrets their decision. They've all been very happy with their rental income and how it's playing out. and there's still a lot of upside left for Carolina Beach condos and vacation rentals in North Carolina and I look forward to helping you win at real estate. Again tthis is Jason Seville with wilmington-real-estate com.


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Sally Crane
WMS - Unity, WI
Woodland appraisal support.

Thanks for the update, all the best to you as you get many of these properties listed and sold.


Mar 31, 2019 03:03 PM