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 Release date:   5/28/08


There is a lot of frustration associated with selling a home in today's real estate market:  the 'mortgage crunch', competitive pricing and a flooded market are all factors putting the seller at a disadvantage.  Home buyers are definitely in the 'driver's seat'.  In order to get their house sold, sellers have to think outside the box and find ways to differentiate their home from the crowd. Would-be sellers should'nt overlook the power of a pre-listing inspection / warranty combination.

 "People don't realize that they can get their house sold quicker, with fewer problems and for more money if they get an inspection on the home before they list it for sale,"  said Philip LaMachio of Advantage Inspection Clear View.  "It's much better for the home seller to understand the issues with the house and deal with them before the buyers arrive."


In fact, according to statistics gathered by Advantage Inspection, one of the largest inspection companies in the Southeast, the benefits of a pre-listing/warranty combination are so powerful that it reduces the time required to sell by fifteen percent, increases average selling price by two percent and actually increases the odds of the house selling at all by twenty nine percent.

"Potential home buyers want a home that is in excellent shape, no matter the age of the home," LaMachio said. "Buyers make their home purchasing decisions based on emotion, but it is equally true that a home buyer can fall out of love with a home just as quickly as they fell in love with it."  This often happens when the homebuyer must justify their emotional decision with logic, usually assisted by information from the home inspection.

Without a pre-inspection, the seller allows a buyer's inspector to develop a laundry list of issues with the home which can potentially jeopardize the sale of the property.  With a pre-inspection, backed up by a solid warranty, the seller is in the driver's seat, not at the mercy of a buyer's inspector's findings.

     A Pre-listing Home Inspection and Warranty Combination can:

•1.     Put the seller in control. They then choose to sell the house either ‘as is' and price accordingly, or fix the problems and get top dollar. (No need to re-negotiate at the closing table)

•2.     Give the seller time to obtain multiple bids and select the best contractors at the best price

•3.     Make the home more marketable and in better condition for viewing, thus helping the seller attain the maximum selling price.

•4.     Add value and certainty that the new owner will be compensated if any warranted items or components break.

 "We want to find the problems that will affect people's decision to purchase," Philip LaMachio said.  If the sellers wait for the buyer's inspector to find them they can potentially lose a sale. 

A home inspection done by a licensed professional home inspector is a thorough, in-depth visual examination of the structure and operating components of the home. 

It includes such components as landscaping effects on the foundation, structural components, roofing, chimneys, gutters and downspouts, siding and trim, attics, plumbing, electrical, heating, interior rooms, and the condition of the basement or crawl space.

"I understand that a seller doesn't want to hear any bad news," LaMachio said.  "But if you wait for the buyer's inspector to find out your home isn't perfect, you are in a weak bargaining position.  And no home is perfect. As soon as sellers accept that, they are on the way to making their home more marketable, which should be their number one goal."


   Advantage Inspection Clear View has an office located in Greensboro, North Carolina and can be reached at 336-369-2173.  The company offers Home Inspections, Radon and Septic System Inspections, Water Quality sampling, and is the only source for theNo Claim's Denied' Home Warranty for single and multiple family residences and commercial buildings. They serve home buyers and sellers up to a 60 mile radius from Greensboro.

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