Doing Hard Things

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A lot of life has difficult tasks to accomplish.  Whether it's a tough sell, a hard client or just everyday obstacles that get in our way.  Today, I want to share 5 things you can do to get through hard things.

1.  Accept that it's hard.   

Sometimes you just have to accept that a task is hard -- something like shaving when pregnant.  It's just NOT going to be easy, but if it's a priority, get it done!

By taking the time to say "this is hard" you will feel extra accomplishment when it's done!

2.  Eat your frog.

While I am a big believer in actually doing the task that is MOST IMPORTANT the first thing in the day (aka, the one that makes you the most money), doing the hardest thing can often get it out the way so you can accomplish the rest with more agility.

By having the dread in your mind, sometimes you move through other tasks slower, which won't help you to get things done during the day.

Get rid of the dread, do it and move on!

3.  Pray for help!

If you are a person of faith, taking the time to pray for something can actually do a lot of things:

It can bring heavenly help

It can help you focus on what you REALLY want.  Since you don't want to spend all day on your knees, you will pick the things you are really struggling with -- and THAT focus will help you get it done!

4.  Talk about it?

Anyone else struggle with a similar issue?  You can talk with others who have similar issues and see if anyone else has found a way to make a task easier, or be more positive about it.  There is no reason to reinvent the wheel if someone else has already figured out the best way.  Use that!

5. Stay positive

If all of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are constantly facing that THIS TASK IS GOING TO BE HORRIBLE -- then, it likely will be.

But, if you visualize how easy it will be, and the effortless nature of the task -- it may well be THAT way for you!

Being positive can have far-reaching benefits that you will really enjoy by:

  • Being happier
  • Actually having more positive experiences
  • Enjoying life in an easy way that you never thought was possible.

I hope these five tips help you get through things you struggle with a little bit easier.

After all, we are on this earth to be happy and help others, and it can be hard to do that when you're struggling 24/7.

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