The Pros & Cons Of UpWork Virtual Assistants

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Depending on what your needs are, there are many avenues in which you can hire a Virtual Assistant. Some prefer to post on sites such as Craigslist or other online public posting platforms. This is closest to how you would traditionally post a wanted for hire advertisement on say, a notice board or in the classifieds section of a newspaper. Others will go to platforms that specifically post wanted for hire advertisements only such as or

However, the most efficient way to indeed find the Virtual assistant you are looking for is by going to platforms that are specifically dedicated to posting and hiring Virtual Assistants or by approaching a Virtual assistant Firm.

There are several types of Virtual assistant firms, but in this post, we are focusing on a website called UpWork. UpWork’s story began over a decade ago, but you can go to their website and find out what their story is all about. A few noteworthy things to know though; UpWork was a merger between two major platforms offering similar services called Elance and Odesk. This merger was announced in 2013 and finally came to fruition in 2015. With the launch of Upwork, the oDesk platform was upgraded and rebranded, and the company announced that the Elance platform would be phased out within a couple of years, resulting in a single freelance marketplace.

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