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As humans, we desire shiny things to make us happy. 

But perhaps your job only pays enough to cover your responsibilities: you pay your bills on time, you're focused on paying down your debt, and there's not much left of your paycheck for you to enjoy for yourself. Where's the new watch? Where is the new flat screen TV? How can you convince your spouse to let you go clothes shopping when not much is ever getting added to the bank account?

Without incentives, it's easy to feel frustrated. 

You *need* to enjoy spending money. But it can feel impossible. There's a reason 40 hours is full time. You don't have time for anything else other than spending time with family and taking care of your home. There is no time for a second job or adding a side-hustle to your routine. But there are other easy sources of income on the internet.

Taking online surveys is a great way to earn a little extra spending cash. Keep in mind, taking surveys will by no means replace your full-time job, but rather is a simple method to earn money you can spend, guilt free. A great source of easy money is via survey sites like Vindale Research

When you're sitting on the couch watching TV, pull out your phone or your computer, and start mindlessly taking surveys. It's not necessarily exciting work, but it is easy money. Some survey sites allow you to answer questions about products you use. Some survey sites actually send prototype products to your home for you to review. There are other survey sites that will pay you $3 for every single survey you take.

You might be curious where this money comes from? Who is interested in paying you money to answer random questions? Retailers are interested. The most important research you can perform before launching a product is voice of customer. When you know what your customer wants, you know how to tweak your product, and more importantly, know how to pitch your product. That's why survey sites are so prevalent, and many sites are willing to pay you good money. Retailers need feedback on their products, and they're willing to pay for it.

If you want a little extra fun money to spend on items for the sake of pure enjoyment (not bills!), try survey sites. A word of advice: look for survey sites that require you to fill out a user profile. This might seem like a hassle and something you'd rather skip over, but a thorough and complete user profile will save you many hours in the long run. When the survey site knows your demographics and what you're interested in, it will only present you with surveys where you are the prime candidate. That way you will be less likely to get a survey about hunting equipment when you're passion is gaming and never leaving the house if you can help it. That way you don't get surveys that kick you out when you're only 7 questions in. 

So consider giving these survey things a shot. Again, it won't earn you much money, but all the money you do earn is for splurging. And that's going to feel pretty good.


Evan Sutherland


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