New Gmail Features Night Owls Should Know About

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Night owls, rejoice! Gmail is unrolling new features that will make it possible to schedule your emails. This is good news for real estate agents, who are often catching up on email during the wee hours.  Here's the latest in Gmail functionality!

First, please note that there isn't an exact roll-out date for these upgrades, but they are reportedly in progress. Once your Gmail account has received the updates, scheduling emails will be a snap. All you have to do is select the "schedule" option in the drop-down box that will appear in the email's "send" button. You can schedule your email to be sent anytime from 2 minutes into the the future, to years down the road! 

Once you select the "schedule" option, your email message is stored in a Gmail cloud. This allows your message to be sent on your selected schedule whether or not you are actually logged into Gmail at the time. 

However, in order to change an email's sending schedule, you will need to log into your Gmail account. Of course, any changes need to be made in advance of the message's issuance. 

Gmail users can also look forward to enhanced Smart Compose features. This predictive writing tool offers suggestions as you type your message, allowing you to complete words and phrases - and soon, entire sentences - at the touch of a button. Smart Compose will even suggest subject lines based on the context of your message. These time-saving features are a boon to anyone who has a high volume of email! 

Last but not least, Gmail is enhancing the "right click" features of your Inbox, allowing you to "mute" email conversations, and work more effectively with labels and message previews.

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