Mailers: Drastically Increase your Open Rate for less than a nickel!

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As I was sitting at my desk at home this evening sorting through my daily pile of mail, I cam across a letter that I  just had to open!

It was a plain white envelope, with a regular first class stamp, and my name and address printed in a script font. I think you’ll agree, there was nothing too spectacular there. But, as I went to reach for the envelope, I noticed it had a small lump in it. Ok, now my curiosity was peaked!

I picked up the envelope and gave the lump a squeeze … It was firm but part of it gave a little bit. As opposed to continuing to play little kid shaking a present under the Christmas tree, I dove in and tore the envelope open. I dumped it upside down and out popped an eraser! You know, the little pink erasers that you stick on the end of a pencil.

Ok, as I always open every piece of mail to examine the “junk” for ideas, this time I actually wanted to ACTIVELY read what was on this letter. Lo and behold, it was a friendly neighborhood mortgage broker!

Up to this point, he had all the credit in the world for actually making me curios about his envelope. However, as I read his letter I was a bit disappointed. He just included the standard “I can help lower your payments and save you money” lines. Rather boiler plate stuff. I was waiting for the “Call me know and let me help you erase your debt!” or something to that effect.

Want to try this yourself? Grab a box of 144 erasers and give it a shot!

Mortgage Mailers: Drastically Increase your Open Rate for less than a nickel!


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