Where is my DREAM HOME?

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Dream Home - that's what we are looking for! -  Instead we find that Internet pictures are misleading (lie),  every home we see needs work & our frustration level is RISING! 


Will we ever find our dream home?           


YES you will if you look outside the box.  If you can survive (noise, dust & inconvenience) you will soon have the home of your dreams & begin creating memories of a lifetime!  Quit watching HGTV and saying "I can do that!"  Just Do IT!


A RENOVATION LOAN will let you buy a location with a vision of what that "dated/mistreated" home can become.  A RENOVATION LOAN is based upon the "as completed" value, not the purchase price so you finance the home renovation up front.  ONE mortgage approval, ONE closing, ONE set of closing costs, ONE objective - DREAM HOME!

If you have questions or are ready to try a different approach to finding your DREAM HOME, call me for details. 

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