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There was recently an article posted by a home buying enthusiast who had come across many failures when it came to real estate investment. He felt that companies such as Dependable Homebuyers Williamsburg were putting a damper on the real estate market. In response, Dependable Homebuyers recently published an article and a finance website. This article encourages the author of the original article to learn from his failures and turn them into successes.

Evan Roberts, owner of Dependable Homebuyers, decided to write the article and share some of his experiences having dealt with similar issues when his career first began. Evan has always tried to see each problem in his life as a challenge to step up and change things for the better. In doing so, he decided to use his experience and knowledge to help other people who may be faced with the same failures.

When Evan originally became involved in the industry of buying houses, it was simply for his own personal satisfaction. He holds a great passion for helping others. Having a we buy houses company allows him the opportunity to help many people who are faced with all types of circumstances. He puts a great deal of focus on those who are faced with situations regarding their homes that may be out of their control. He has helped clients who were faced with instances of foreclosure and did not see another way out. His understanding and compassion has been of great help to clients facing those types of situations. For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at

Despite his desire to reach out and help, he is being met with disapproval by many competitors. They feel that the motives of Dependable Homebuyers are controversial at best. Evan feels that this could not be further from the truth.

“I am given great pleasure by helping people and that is the basis for me creating and building up Dependable Homebuyers,” Evan Roberts said. “When I read the article written by Joseph, I had a great understanding of what he was going through and felt that I should reach out to him and share my own personal experiences of when I first started working in the real estate business. I do not have all of the answers by any means, however, I am willing to share my knowledge and experience in the hopes of helping. I, of all people realize how tough the real estate industry can truly be. It is my hope that this article with help not only Joseph, but many others who are considering becoming involved in the real estate industry.”

Dependable Homebuyers is a professional company that buys houses in any condition regardless of the situation the homeowner may be facing. They pride themselves in having the knowledge to help homeowners find a solution to the problem of being stuck with a home facing foreclosure or other circumstances. Those who are looking for more information about the company and the services they provide, are encouraged to visit their website and make that first point of contact. Read the recent press release they published at




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