10 Tips to Make Your House Feel like Home to BUYERS

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10 Tips to Make Your House Feel like Home to BUYERS 



1.) Deep clean your home! 

Throw away all trash, all appliances should sparkle. If you have any pets in the house make sure that your four-legged friend's belongings are tucked away out of sight. It is also important to deodorize your home when buyers come to tour. You can do this by cleaning cloth furniture, shampooing rugs and carpets, and opening all the doors and windows to air out the home and allow fresh air to fill it. In those winter months when airing out the home might be a bad idea you can light a cinnamon scented candle. 

2.) Let the Light In! 

The best light is natural light. Fill the home with warm natural light. Natural light is proven to boost your immune system and mood! So why wouldn't you want buyers to feel all that positivity while viewing your home? Having a home that has an abundance of light can show buyers that they can save on energy during the day. Make sure all windows are clean, and curtains are drawn back. 

3.) Fix Anything that is Broken

Think about doing some repairs around your home. For example a leaking faucet, holes in the walls, etc. Repairs like these could lead buyers to offer less for your home or they may decide to pass on it completely.  

4.) Unclutter your home! 

A cluttered home full of nicknacks and personal items can make it near to impossible for buyers to picture all of their belongings in the home. A good rule of thumb in when having buyers tour your home is "Less is More". Place furniture and accent items in strategic places that highlight the rooms unique features and function.  Consider renting a storage unit and clean out the basement or garage. Another option is to use space bags to help you organize closets and create the illusion of more space.  

5.) Fresh Paint

Paint is a quick fix to any home. A simple change as paint color and make a room feel cleaner, brighter, and up to date. Paint is relatively affordable compared to other home improvement options. Not only can you freshen up the paint of the inside but you can add new life to your home by repainting the exterior.  New exterior paint can give you some bonus curb appeal and sets your home up for a good first impression. Plus it will help you beat out the next door competition.  

6.) New Flooring 

If your home has stained carpet and you can not get it out after a deep shampoo or outdated flooring then getting new flooring could be your best option. Replacing outdated flooring with new could help you sell your home faster.  

7.) Organize the Kitchen

An organized kitchen gives the impression that there is an ample amount of storage. There should be a minimal amount of accessories and appliances on countertops. Buyers will look inside your cabinets and pantries to see how much storage is available, make sure they are neat and organized. Cabinets overflowing with stuff could give buyers the impression that this home does not have enough storage. 

8.) Hide Dirty Laundry 

This one should be pretty self-explanatory. The last thing a buyer wants to see when touring their potential dream home is a strangers pile of dirty clothes. 

9.) Replace Lightbulbs 

Replacing all lightbulbs in your home will ensure that all your light fixtures are working and that each room has the same color of light. Also, make sure that all switches are working. 

10.) Make Sure All Doors Open and Close 

All doors should open and close smoothly. All locks should be in working order. 

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