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Dependable Homebuyers, the We Buy Houses company based in Newport News, Virginia, has courted controversy with its recent advertisement on Facebook. The ad urged property owners who want to sell their homes to fire the realtors. The message was straightforward and fitting given the perspective of the company. The real estate investment firm buys residential properties directly from owners. The owners are the direct sellers and they do not need to rely on the services of realtors. The message was conveyed but it also angered real estate agents and companies associated with the real estate industry.

All who operate in the traditional way have been offended by the advertisement. Many real estate agents have dismissed the importance of Dependable Homebuyers, some have gone on to call Evan Roberts, the founder and owner, a fool. Many others have defended realtors and praised the services usually offered by them. Some have also said that realtors become lifelong friends of homeowners, both sellers and buyers. The controversy notwithstanding, Evan Roberts is unshaken and he is continuing with his acquisitions in Newport News and across Virginia.

Dependable Homebuyers has by far the simplest solution for homeowners who want to sell. They are buying all kinds of properties in every location. For Homeowners thinking of downsizing like in the article .The company does not reject properties that are not in the best or most desirable condition. They have a simple modus operandi. The real estate experts of the company view the property for sale and inspect it thoroughly. They determine the fair price and present a cash offer. Buyers have the liberty to choose and they can go for an immediate sale. If the offer is accepted, then Dependable Homebuyers can buy the house in as little as seven days. This too has irked many traditionalists who cannot complete a sale in a week or even a month.

Homeowners who have sold their properties to Dependable Homebuyers are defending the company.They have had a guaranteed sale without spending thousands of dollars as commissions, closing cost and on repairs. Homeowners have not been dependent on realtors and there was no marketing or promotion involved. There are accounts of the experienced published by users on Facebook. They have
commended the work done by Evan Roberts and his team. The concept is not entirely unprecedented but the ease with which the company has been able to close sales is surely a threat to the status quo. Property owners are gravitating towards Dependable Homebuyers, as is evident by their successes in 2018. 2019 is also proving to be a great year till now. The first quarter has recorded phenomenal growth and expansion for the company. Visit for updates about the company.

With spring being the busiest time of the year for the residential real estate sector, Dependable Homebuyers lead by Evan Roberts is likely to grow further and more realtors as well as other traditional players are likely to get more disappointed. This David vs. Goliath battle has just started and it will perhaps not end with just one controversy.




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