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Virginia based real estate company Dependable Homebuyers is purchasing homes in Newport News. The company is interested in all kinds of residential properties regardless of the condition and the location. While houses in sought after neighborhoods sell easily, those in less popular areas struggle and the condition of a property can be the singular factor reducing the prospects of the sale. Some properties are in un-saleable conditions. Dependable Homebuyers is buying such houses as well.

2018 has been the most successful year for Dependable Homebuyers. The first three months of 2019 has been the most effective quarter for the company ever since its inception. Having grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, Evan Roberts and his team are now looking at expanding their presence across the state of Virginia. In an attempt to consolidate its position as the most obvious alternative to the traditional way of selling houses, Dependable Homebuyers is now pursuing multiple acquisitions simultaneously. It is buying various kinds of homes directly from owners and is urging people not to waste money on repairs that does not guarantee a greater return.

Many property owners in Newport News and across the state have to repair their houses before listing. Others have to repair something that is flagged by interested buyers. Real estate agents insist on repairs to make the properties more presentable online and then more desirable during showing. The founder of Dependable Homebuyers, Evan Roberts says that he understands the pain homeowners have to endure to sell their properties. Repairs can cost thousands of dollars and realtors still cannot guarantee a sale. The proposition Roberts has is simple. It is an outright sale of a property in any imaginable condition it may be in. The condition will not deter the sale. It will influence the fair price but not jeopardize the prospect of a sale.

Roberts and his team have already purchased many houses in Newport News. Some of those homeowners have had to sell their properties for various reasons. From financial compulsion to moving, personal reasons to professional obligations, any reason can make it imperative to sell a property. Such sales also need to happen quickly. The condition of the property can easily delay the sale and it almost always leads to problems. Roberts addresses these pain points and his team ensures that all sellers have an easy time with the expedited process. Check out their website here.

Sellers who have dealt with the company endorse their transparency and honesty. The purchase offer is simple and it is nonobligatory. The company sends the purchase offer in writing to the seller in twenty four to forty eight hours after the viewing and the inspection. The company can complete the sale in seven days from the time a seller accepts the offer. Evan Roberts highlights the expedited sale to be a unique ability of the company but for sellers in Newport News it is the ability to sell a house in any condition that is piquing their interest. Interested homeowners can read a recent press release they published at




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