Dependable Homebuyers Ocean City Stirs Controversy With Recent Ad

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For Ocean City MD homeowners who need to sell quickly, and need to sell for the best possible price, Evan Roberts and Dependable Homebuyers has proven invaluable. Over the past few years, this company of real estate agents and other experts have built a considerable reputation on offering good prices and complete transparency. Their reputation among homeowners is virtually peerless. Because of this, and because of other factors, they have generated a good deal of controversy among some real estate agents and some Ocean City real estate companies.

The reason for this is not difficult to decipher. There are some who simply feel threatened by everything Dependable Homebuyers Ocean City brings to the table. Their process is such that homeowners who need to sell quickly can skip the traditional real estate market entirely. Not surprisingly, this is something that can rub certain individuals the wrong way.

The traditional real estate market in Ocean City is not something that is likely to disappear anytime soon. Nonetheless, it is perhaps to foolish to suggest that the traditional means of selling a home can produce results for everyone. For example, if someone needs to sell their home in just a couple of months or weeks, the traditional real estate market can prove to be impossible to that end. It can take months, or even years, to sell a home in Ocean City. This can be due to the condition of the house, the presence of tenants, and other issues.

Simply put, the traditional real estate market only benefits the best homes. It is not designed for homes that have issues in any form or fashion. On the market, such issues can cause the homeowner to be stuck with the property for far longer than preferred. It can also wind up costing the homeowner hundreds or even thousands of dollars, in terms of making various repairs and meeting other demands.

The real estate market demands this, since the Ocean City market tends to favor buyers over sellers. A homeowner who simply doesn’t have the financial resources to make repairs can find themselves completely stuck, without any hope of improvement. Homeowners who go through these channels will also have to pay for things like real estate listings, as well as the experience of a professional real estate agent. These are other elements that can add something significant to the overall costs expected of the homeowner. Read the recent press release they published at

A recent ad by Dependable Homebuyers offered homeowners the chance to avoid these steps altogether. This is a company that has become well known for buying homes for cash in their present condition, and for doing this in as few as two weeks. This ad made it clear to homeowners that they have options, when it comes to selling. This has caused controversy among those who clearly see Dependable Homebuyers as a legitimate threat to the status quo. Any homeowner who is eager to sell will want to do so in the most straightforward fashion possible. It is entirely within the realm of possibility that Dependable Homebuyers will help a homeowner to achieve this.

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