2019 Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Festival

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2019 Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Festival was held on April 14 Sunday.

There were Tea Ceremony and vendors.

There were some Japanese Performances at Four Freedoms State Park:

Shamisen Japanese String Ensemble (Kicho Kai)

Japanese classical dance (IchiFuji-kai Dance Association)

Koto (Masayo Ishigure and Koto Shamisen Ensemble)

Japanese blues (Kayo Yoshioka)

Japanese Folk Dances (Roosevelt Island Japanese Association Yosakoi Dancers)

Community Folk Dance Lesson

Japanese Taiko Drummers (Soh Daiko)


I only shot videos for the first two, I left after that, it was a hot day. But when I was leaving, the Subway Station was overcrowding at a dangerous situation. People could not get out or get in because only four turnstiles was not enough to handle the crowds, people stuck in the escalator. NYPD asked MTA to cut subway service to the Island at one point. Thank you for watching.


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