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Technology is wonderful, time-saving and I love it.  One thing, however, is missing, and that is seeing the people.  Harley Rouda, Sr., always had a framed note on his desk--Success was seeing the people.  So, when you think you have done everything to rustle up some business--don't forget to See the People.  Walk the streets of your neighbrohood, talk to the people, give them some bottled water as they do their yard work--you will be having a good time, talking to people and, hopefully, building your book of business.

Lorraine or Loretta Kratz
Crescent Moon Realty, Inc. & Land N Sea Auctions. - San Marcos, CA
Certified Negotiation Consultants


I agree, we get so locked into the computer, the paper work, or just trying to stay ahead of the new learning skill we must obtain, to operate the computer, the cell phone, the PDA. But the best thing is meeting and greeting people.

Jun 04, 2008 02:00 AM
Chris Svec
Chris Svec - Columbus, OH


Great to see you on AR!!

Jun 04, 2008 03:27 AM
Caitlin Murray
Real Living - Columbus, OH

You're absolutely right. I think sometimes we forget the importance of meeting and greeting. Just the other day Ohio's 24th District Representative, Ted Celeste, knocked on our door at home and asked us what he could do to better meet our needs as a representative. This small gesture made a huge impression on my family.

Jun 04, 2008 08:59 AM